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If you are interested in getting started in Cleveland real estate investing you have probably been looking for the best cash flow rental markets in the United States. High cash flow and low housing prices are the number one and two reasons real estate investors from all over the world come to Cleveland to invest in real estate. With investors being attracted to the Cleveland market because of the low cost of housing it's not uncommon for Cleveland real estate investors to look at the cheapest properties in the Cleveland real estate market. Many of the cheapest properties in Cleveland are highly distressed or located in a ghetto area with high crime and low median income. In the 1,052nd episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with a real estate investor from Austin, Texas who has identified a cheap property in Cleveland, Ohio. This Austin investor would like James Wise to perform a BRRRR deal analysis on this Cleveland property for her. She would like to know if this cheap BRRRR deal will be a BRRRR strategy success in Cleveland or if this Cleveland BRRRR investment deal is overpriced due to the high level of crime in the Cleveland neighborhood it's located in. During the video James Wise goes over what type of Cleveland investor he thinks could be successful in a ghetto neighborhood like this one, as well as what type of Cleveland property owner will have trouble making a profit on a BRRRR strategy deal like this. In addition James Wise goes over the real world problems out of state investors looking at ghetto neighborhoods will face when they are trying to hire Cleveland property managers to run the renovations on their high risk BRRRR method deals in Cleveland.




So you want to buy a seller financed house? Where do you go to find seller financed houses for sale? How do you buy a house with seller financing? Is there some website where all of the houses with seller financing are? Do you just ask the seller to finance you?  How in the world do you negotiate seller financing in real estate investing? These are all great questions. There are a lot of real estate gurus out there who would love to sell you a program answering all of these seller financing questions you've got. Thing is, do any of the real estate guru programs about seller financing actually work when you are trying to seller finance houses in the real world? No, probably not. Most of the real estate guru programs about seller financed houses are complete trash. These owner financed real estate programs typically include half truths and misinformation. Rarely do the real estate guru programs on owner financing real estate work in the real world. It's cool though, don't get too discourage. In the 1,013th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with an out of state real estate investor to help him learn how to buy rental property with owner financing. Ya see, buying rental properties with owner financing isn't impossible, but buying rental properties with seller financing is hard so you've got to know what to do. Not only does James Wise team these long distance real estate investor how to buy rental property with seller financing he explains to him his real life probability of getting a seller financed deal done. Best of all James teaches these seller financing strategies using real properties in the real world. The property in today's show is a single family home in the Cleveland real estate market. Not only is James Wise teaching this real estate investor how seller financing works James Wise is going to act as this investor's real estate agent and handle the seller finance negotiation with the seller on this Cleveland rental property. Then, if this Cleveland seller financed deal closes, HoltonWise will take over the property management of this Cleveland owner financed house for this out of state investor. HoltonWise partners with real estate investors all over the world when they invest in Cleveland real estate. So if you are interested in Cleveland real estate investing using seller financing working with HoltonWise is probably a good real estate strategy for you. If you are looking to use seller financing in the Cleveland real estate market or even learn how to buy houses using owner financing in your own home market watching to HoltonWiseTV is what you want to do. Best of all, no seller financed guru crap here in Cleveland. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV today!




Creative financing deals in Cleveland. Yup, that's right folks we're getting into some creative financed strategies on Cleveland investment properties. More specifically, let's talk seller financing in Cleveland, Ohio. Many new real estate investors who are trying to break into Cleveland real estate investing don't have enough money to buy houses cash. Some of these new real estate investors getting into Cleveland rental properties also have trouble getting a traditional home mortgage from a Cleveland area lender. What are these Cleveland investors supposed to do? Are these folks supposed to give up on their dreams of becoming Cleveland landlords? No, not necessarily. There are creative financing options out there for would be Cleveland house buyers. In the 1,012th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with an out of state investor to help him try to buy a house in Cleveland, Ohio using seller financing. Seller financing, sometimes referred to as owner financing is a creative real estate investment strategy where the seller of the home provides the mortgage to the buyer as opposed to a traditional lender. During the show James Wise explains the pros and cons of buying owner financed properties in Cleveland as well as how investors seeking seller financed deals in Cleveland can position themselves to be more attractive buyers to all of the Cleveland home sellers out there. In addition to all of that any Cleveland seller financed property can be turned into a completely passive real estate investment as HoltonWise can handle all of the Cleveland property management, Cleveland tenant screening, Cleveland tenant leasing, Cleveland home insurance, Cleveland rehabs and much more. At HoltonWise we are a Cleveland real estate investor's boots on the ground team. HoltonWise makes investing in the Cleveland real estate market as easy and smooth as possible.




Investing in an out of state an Airbnb business is a great way for real estate investors on a budget to begin their short term real estate investment business. Building an out of state short term rental empire is not as hard or as expensive as you may think. In the 1,011th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with a short term rental investor from California to help him purchase a mansion in Ohio. This mansion would make for a great short term rental property as it's spacious, private, in a great neighborhood and best of all, incredibly cheap. How much would a short term rental mansion like this one cost you in your real estate market?




There is big money owning Airbnb rental property. Short term rental investing isn't just limited to Airbnb either. In addition to Airbnb there are a ton of other short term rental property platforms such as VRBO, Vacasa, Guestly, Flipkey and more. If you'd like to learn how to start an automated short term rental investing business that will allow you to invest out of state as well as locally you are going to want to tune in to the 1,010th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show. James Wise is showing an out of state real estate investor a high end home in a low priced real estate market. James Wise goes over the property and short-term rental business model in great detail to give this long distance rental property owner a complete understanding of what it's going to be like to start an automated short term rental portfolio out of state using full service short term rental property management with HoltonWise. This out of state Airbnb business should produce a ton of passive income for this passive Airbnb investor. If you are interested in starting a turnkey Airbnb business and earning passive income from the short term rental real estate business or you just want to learn how to invest in short term rental in general, this show is for you.




You probably stumbled upon this video because you are interested in learning how to buy a VRBO investment property for cheap. In the 1,002nd episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is talking about buying a VRBO property for pennies on the dollar. Imagine buying cheap houses that would make great luxury vacation rental houses from anywhere in the world. Would learning how to buy a short term rental property in an area filled with luxury real estate be something you are interested in doing? If so, stick around because this video will show you how to buy a short term rental property in an area of luxury homes on a golf course. Best of all you do not need to live close to the luxury rentals you are investing in. With HoltonWise as your boots on the ground partner you can buy your first short term rental property knowing you have full service property management to handle your new Airbnb mansion on your behalf.




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