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Episodes 1,201-1,300

How to make a million dollars is a commonly searched on Google. What would you be willing to do to make a million dollars? Would you be willing to live in the ghetto for a million dollars? How about living in the ghetto for a half a million dollars? In the 1,239th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is showing people a real estate investment strategy that will allow them to make $500,000 just for living in this 4 plex in the ghetto of Cleveland, Ohio. This creative real estate investing strategy is called house hacking. House hacking your way to millionaire status might seemed far fetched but house hacking your way to millions is anything but far fetched. Learning how to house hack is a very solid way for real estate newbies to build their wealth while living in a free house. As a matter of fact, James Wise broke into the real estate investment industry with a house hack in the Cleveland real estate market. Over the course of this video James Wise will teach you how to house hack with an FHA loan and earn half a million dollars while living for free in a multifamily property. But the catch is, you have to live in the ghetto to do it. So the question is, is living in the ghetto worth a half a million dollars and free housing? If the answer is yes, then house hacking multifamily investment properties in low income areas like the Cleveland ghetto might be a great creative real estate investment strategy for you to become a millionaire real estate investor. If the answer is no, how much money would you need to be willing to live in the ghetto?




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