This Is #HoltonWiseTV is a video series consisting of short clips that highlight the things we do & talk about here at Holton-Wise. These clips are intended to give viewers a sneak peak at what they can expect when working with our team or viewing our full length video content on HoltonWiseTV.


James Wise stops in to talk with HoltonWise real estate agent/investor Nicholas Varner about a turnkey property Nick has been renovating. Nick & James do a walk through & discuss the project.




Cleveland Real Estate Investing Made Easy.




Create a better life for yourself through real estate investment. Get started today.




Learn how to invest in real estate the easy way. Whether you are local or out of state you can enjoy the benefits of a real estate portfolio without having to deal with all of the problems like tenant complaints, leaky faucets and other daily stresses that other landlords face.




The #HoltonWiseTV team interviews a Loan Officer who focuses on non owner occupied investor loans for out of state investors looking to buy properties in turnkey markets like Cleveland, Ohio.




Today the HoltonWise team is talking about real estate financing in Cleveland and beyond. We are discussing FHA loans for properties in and around Cleveland, Ohio as well as elsewhere. FHA loans are different than rental property loans for non owner occupied investment property buyers. Watch as HoltonWise sits down to discuss FHA financing as well as other important real estate investment financing related tops with MB Financial Bank Loan Officer Jerry Padilla. If you are thinking about buying a home in the Cleveland real estate market HoltonWiseTV is for you.




James Wise is one of the most prolific real estate content contributors on the real estate investing website BiggerPockets. James Wise quickly discusses the benefits of joining the BiggerPockets community and why BiggerPockets members would be well served to contribute to the BiggerPockets forums. In part, though his involvement on BiggerPockets James Wise has grown his real estate investing business to a worldwide real estate investment and property management firm and he believes you can do the same if you contribute to the BiggerPockets community with quality content about your real estate investing business.




Cleveland landlord James Wise sits down with HGTV star Ken Corsini for an in depth conversation on real estate investing in the Cleveland real estate market. Topics discussed include, turnkey real estate investing in Cleveland.  How to make money buying Cleveland rental properties. What it's like to be a rental property owner in Cleveland. Cleveland property management expectations. Cleveland return on investment expectations, Cleveland tenants, Cleveland landlords, Cleveland deals and much more about the turnkey real estate investment business and operating rental properties in Cleveland in general.




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