This Is #HoltonWiseTV is a video series consisting of short clips that highlight the things we do & talk about here at Holton-Wise. These clips are intended to give viewers a sneak peak at what they can expect when working with our team or viewing our full length video content on HoltonWiseTV.


Professional Real Estate Broker, Landlord & Investor James Wise from Holton-Wise gives an in depth explanation of the 5 most important reasons someone should buy rental property.


1. Other People's Money (OPM)
2. Real Estate Appreciates
3. Cash Flow
4. Tax Benefits
5. Real Estate is Real ( & controllable)




Valerie Chambers & a few other Holton-Wise team members spend the day at the 2017 Parma Early Childhood PTA Touch A Truck Event hosted by PECPTA President Chelsey Kovar.




Professional Real Estate Investor & Property Manager James Wise explains the bests ways to navigate the intricacies involved in investing in condos including working with, and eventually controlling the HOA.


This is the 2nd video in a multi part series.

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In this video James Wise from Holton-Wise goes over the numbers of an upcoming house flip in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called North Olmsted that is projected to generate a profit of $80,0000. 




Cleveland Realtor who has sold over $200 Million shows new Realtors house to grow their business using this SIMPLE ADVICE.

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