This Is #HoltonWiseTV is a video series consisting of short clips that highlight the things we do & talk about here at Holton-Wise. These clips are intended to give viewers a sneak peak at what they can expect when working with our team or viewing our full length video content on HoltonWiseTV.


Is Fox News Anchor Clayton Morris A FRAUD? - Landlords From Hell 2 - Trailer - Episode 2 of The Landlords From Hell Show is about the many stories circulating the news cycle alleging that former Fox News Anchor Clayton Morris and his company Morris Invest worked with Bert Whalen and his company Oceanpointe Investments to defraud investors in what has been called a real estate Ponzi scheme. In addition to providing insight into the media coverage James Wise speaks with alleged victims of Clayton Morris, Clayton Morris himself and other industry professionals including Jay Hinrichs, Meet Kevin, Indianapolis Property Managers and much more.




Professional Landlord & Property Manager James Wise from Holton-Wie discusses 10 obvious & not so obvious Red Flags Real Estate Investors need to watch out for when they are screening their tenants.




Professional Real Estate Investor & Property Manager James Wise explains the bests ways to navigate the intricacies involved in investing in condos including working with, and eventually controlling the HOA.


This is the 1st video in a multi part series.

To see part 2 click ? HERE

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Professional Real Estate Investor & Property Manager James Wise explains how you can turn less than $3,500 into a $1 million Real Estate Portfolio in 10 years.


In this video Turnkey Real Estate Broker, Investor & Property Manager James Wise from Holton-Wise gives an update on a rental property renovation that Holton-Wise performed for an out of state investor. Renovations like this are key to keeping tenant turnover low which will in turn increase an investor's return on investment. In the video James' references the video that was released prior to this investor closing on the sale of this home.




 In this video James Wise & John Holton from Holton-Wise go over their plan for this house flip in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio called North Olmsted.




 In this video James Wise meets with John Holton to check in on the progress of the 4967 Berkshire house flip in North Olmsted. 




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