At Holton-Wise we serve three main customer bases.


Real Estate Investors / Property Management Clients

This includes anyone who is interested in buying rental property, selling rental property, obtaining property management for their existing rental property portfolio, flipping houses, private lending and or any type of real estate investing whatsoever.



This includes anyone who is currently looking for a home, apartment or commercial space to rent from Holton-Wise. Anyone who already rents a home, apartment or commercial space from Holton-Wise. Or anyone who used to rent a home, apartment or commercial space from Holton-Wise.


Traditional Home Sellers

This includes anyone who is interested in selling a home that they personally live in or have lived in as well as those who are interested in selling a vacation home. The condition of the property does not matter. We are interested in properties that are turnkey as well as those that need a complete renovation. Our network of Investors spans the globe so we are constantly in need of more properties to meet the demand of such a wide range of investors. 


Our expert staff is committed to providing each of those three customer basis with competent, compassionate and reliable service. The Holton-Wise team is ready to assist Buyers, Sellers and Investors navigate the greater Cleveland, Ohio Real Estate Market while also providing Affordable Rental Housing to the community of Cleveland, Ohio.


We use our top notch marketing and national network of  Buyer and Investor clientele to help Sellers sell their properties for top dollar. Through our intense infrastructure and market knowledge Holton-Wise also gives investors both local & out of state, the opportunity to invest in Rental Real Estate without having to do any of the dirty work. At the same time Holton-Wise offers vital support to Cleveland residents. Building the community one family at a time. We Buy, Renovate and Rent distressed homes in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

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