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Tesla Price: Tesla Stock Drop Makes some Wonder if Tesla Stock Bubble will Pop | The Money Show 16

Some say the (TLSA) Tesla stock bubble is going to pop. Others say Tesla stock is the best bet stock market investors can make as betting against Elon Musk is never a good idea. It's hard to say which Tesla stock prediction is correct. In the 16th episode of The Money Show we take a look at the recent Tesla stock performance including the recent Tesla stock gains as well as Tesla stock price drops. 




Peloton Stock Drop Due to Covid Restrictions Loosening? (PTON) | The Money Show 15

It's no secret that some companies actually benefited from the Covid-19 Pandemic. In the 15th episode of The Money Show we take a look at Peloton. Was Peloton's stock growth solely related to the Covid-19 Pandemic? With the Covid-19 vaccines being released governments around the world are lifting their pandemic restrictions. Will the Peloton stock (PTON) growth continue in a post Covid world? 




Did the USPS Kill Workhorse Stock? (WKHS) | The Money Show 14

In late 2020 and early 2021 Workhorse (WKHS) was one of the hottest stocks to buy. In the 14th episode of The Money Show we take a look at the dramatic crash the Workhorse (WKHS) stock price took after it was announced that Workhorse would not be getting a lucrative multi billion dollar contract with the USPS.




Meet Kevin, Grant Cardone & more think (EXPI) EXP World Holdings Stock is a Buy | The Money Show 13

The 13th episode of The Money Show takes a look into why well known YouTube personalities such as Meet Kevin​ & Grant Cardone​ think (EXPI) EXP World Holdings Stock is a money maker.




Covid is Killing the Airline Industry | The Money Show 12

Nothing in recent memory nothing has had a bigger impact on how the world operates than COVID-19. The 12th episode of The Money Show takes a look into the financial impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the airline industry.




How Do Income Taxes Work? | The Money Show 11

Who pays more in taxes? Do poor people pay their fair share of taxes? Do rich people pay their fair share in taxes? How do income taxes work in America?  What is a progressive tax? What are tax brackets? If you've had any of these questions you'll want to tune in to episode 11 of The Money Show as Baylee and the HoltonWiseTV team discuss how income taxes work in America.




How to Save Money when Buying a Car: Car Dealership Fees You Should Never Pay | The Money Show 10

Are you sick of getting ripped off by car dealerships? Often times the car dealer trade in is a rip off. Stop falling for car trade in scams! Stop paying car dealership fees! Most people think that it's almost impossible to negotiate the price on a car these days. However, you may have more negotiating power than you think when dealing with car dealerships based on whether or not you pay cash for the car or agree to finance the car through the car dealership. In the 10th episode of The Money Show Baylee & team show car buyers like you how to save money when buying a car by using the dealership's greed to negotiate out docs fees, accessory fees & other junk fees that are unnecessary profit centers for the car dealership.




Saving Money: How To Manage Your Money Using The 50/30/20 Rule | The Money Show 9

Are you having trouble saving money? Is saving money difficult for you? Do you wish you could save more money? Do you have a shopping problem? Do you wish you could stop spending so much money? Do you need help creating a budget? If you answered yes to any of those questions you need to tune into the 9th episode of The Money Show. Baylee and the #HoltonWiseTV team discuss the 50/30/20 budget rule. This 50/30/20 rule is a financial method of creating a budget that takes care of your needs, wants, debt and savings. Using the 50/30/20 rule will force you to create a budget that allows you to understand where every single dollar you spend is going. 




Carnival Cruise Bankrupt? Is Carnival Stock A Buy? Carnival Cruise Stock Analysis | The Money Show 8

COVID-19 has crushed businesses around the world. Bars, restaurants, the airlines and of course the cruise industry. Carnival Cruise is one of the largest companies in the cruise space and their business has taken a massive hit in response to the coronavirus outbreak. In the 8th episode of The Money Show Baylee and team provide commentary on many questions involving the Carnival Cruise stock and over Carnival Cruise business. Including but not limited to; Is the Carnival Cruise stock a good buy right now? Is Carnival Cruise going into bankruptcy? Is Carnival bankrupt? Will the Carnival Cruise stock price rebound? Will Shaq's big chicken restaurant help Carnival Cruise rebound? Should you buy Carnival stock? Should you buy cruise stock? Is cruise stock a good by? Should you sell cruise stock? Will cruise lines go out of business?




The NFL Losing Money: COVID 19 Effect on Football | The Money Show 7

The NFL is a big business. In fact the NFL is a multi billion dollar business. In the 7th episode of The Money Show Baylee & team go over how much money the COVID-19 Pandemic is costing the NFL. Unlike the NBA the NFL did not creat a bubble and the 2020 NFL season is very much in jeopardy of not finishing. In addition to discussing how much money coronavirus is going to cost the NFL we also discuss other interesting topics such as How does the NFL Make Money. How NFL teams make money. The business of football. The value of the NFL TV deal with ESPN. The value of the NFL TV deal with NBC. The value of the NFL TV deal with CBS. The value of the NFL TV deal with FOX. How the NFL is handling coronavirus testing. How different NFL teams are handling the amount of fans they allow into their football stadiums Baylee's crush on Joe Burrow and much more.




The NBA has a BIG Problem: $600 Million Loss in 2020 | The Money Show 6

The NBA has a BIG Problem in 2020. The 2020 NBA season was suspended for months on end due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Out of options, the NBA was forced to create the NBA bubble to salvage the remainder of 2020 NBA season. In the 6th episode of The Money Show Baylee & team go over how much money the NBA lost in 2020 along with various other NBA finance related topics such as as how the NBA generates revenue. The value of the NBA TV deal with Turner Sports. The value of the NBA TV deal with ESPN. The NBA's obligations in their TV deal with Turney Sports. The NBA's obligations in their TV deal with ESPN. How much money the NBA makes via TV revenue. How much money the NBA makes via stadium attendance. How much money the NBA makes in merchandise revenue. The NBA merchandising deal with Nike. How much money the NBA makes in a regulars season. How much money the NBA bubble generates. How much money the NBA Bubble costs to operate on a daily basis and much more. 




Should I Buy a New or Used Car? New Car vs Used Car | The Money Show 5

Should you buy a new or used car? When the time to buy your first (or next) car comes around that is probably the first question you have. In the 5th episode of The Money Show Baylee & team tackle the topic of new cars vs used cars. During the show we break down a chart that explains how much each car will cost you over time as well as present you with some insight into the average length of car ownership and how that effects your car's resale value.




BLM Riots: How Much Damage Has Black Lives Matter Protests Caused? | The Money Show 4

2020 has been a year like no other. The United States has been plagued with nonstop riots. Most notably the Breonna Taylor riots, George Floyd riots, Jacob Blake, Rayshard Brooks riots and the Kyle Rittenhouse riots. If you'd like to know how much damage these riots have cost America or how much money Black Lives Matter protests have cost US taxpayers you'll want to tune in to the 4th episode of The Money Show as we investigate how much money riots have cost America in 2020.




Is College Worth It? Is College a Waste of Time and Money? Student Loan Crisis | The Money Show 3

When you were growing up you were probably told by your parents, teachers and other adults that you needed to go to college in order to become a successful adult. However, with incomes staying flat and college tuition rising at an unprecedented whether or not college is still worth it has become a hot button issue. Some even say that student loans are a scam, college is a scam. In the 3rd episode of The Money Show Baylee talks about the student loan crisis. These days college students are going into debt like never before. Previous generations have never dealt with student loan debt like today's college students are incurring due to the rising cost of college tuition. Is paying for college still worth it?




Good Debt vs Bad Debt | The Money Show 2

You may have heard people talk about getting out of debt, so debt must be bad, right? No, not exactly. Not all debt is bad. Some debt is actually good. In episode 2 of The Money Show Baylee explains the differences between good debt and bad debt as well as several other topics including The importance of staying out of bad debt. How credit cards are the worst debt. How credit cards can help your credit score. Why a high credit score is important and how good debt can actually make you money. 




Pay Off Credit Card Debt FAST: Dave Ramsey is WRONG Debt Snowball VS Avalanche | The Money Show 1

Dave Ramsey is wrong about credit card debt. In the 1st episode of The Money Show Baylee explains how to get out of credit card debt fast. She compares two popular credit card debt payment methods; the Debt Avalanche and the Debt Snowball as made popular by financial guru Dave Ramsey. Which credit card debt payment method do you prefer?




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