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Having done over $200 Million dollars worth of real estate transactions throughout the years, HoltonWise has developed a massive network of lenders, as well as other strategic partners, vendors, allies, and referrals spanning throughout Ohio and the majority of the most popular real estate investment markets across the United States. Our curated referral list features over 50 referrals, which can include, but is not limited to, the following real estate investment service providers.


  • Traditional Lender(s)
  • Non Traditional Lender(s)
  • Residential Lender(s)
  • Commercial Lender(s)
  • DSCR Lender(s)
  • Low Down Payment Lender(s)
  • Low Money Down Lender(s)
  • Hard Money Lender(s)
  • Private Lender(s)
  • Foreign National Lender(s)
  • Bridge Lender(s)
  • Title Company(s)
  • Home Inspector(s)
  • Accountant(s)
  • Certified Public Accountant(s)
  • 1031 Exchange Intermediary(s)
  • Attorney(s)
  • Property Manager(s)
  • General Contractor(s)
  • Plumber(s)
  • Electrician(s)
  • Handymen
  • Landscaper(s)




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