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Landlord Attacked at Eviction | HoltonWiseTV Highlights

Things turn for the worst when a landlord is attacked during this eviction gone wrong. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for more live eviction footage. Nobody has more evictions caught on tape than HoltonWiseTV.




How much are you Tipping your Landlord? | HoltonWiseTV Highlights

Getting evicted from your apartment is no fun. Eviction day is tough. Be smart, don't get evicted. Pay your rent on time and don't forget to include your landlord's tip.




This is why you need to Tip your Landlord | HoltonWiseTV Highlights

Tipping your landlord allows you the opportunity to show him how much you appreciate his greatness. Additionally, when you tip your landlord, he can use that money to buy another house and bestow his greatness upon another tenant. Plus, if you don't tip your landlord, there is a real good chance you are going to get evicted from your house.




You ain't Stopping your Eviction in Ohio | HoltonWiseTV Highlights

You might be able to play games with your landlord in some liberal hellhole like Portland, New York or California. That woke crap doesn't fly here in Ohio though. In Ohio, if you don't pay your rent you are getting evicted and there isn't anything you can do about it. When you are living in Ohio you need to make sure you pay your rent and don't forget to tip your landlord.




Single Mother Cries about her Problems during Eviction | HoltonWiseTV Highlights

Bad tenants love to make their problems their landlord's problems. Single mothers are notorious for thinking they can avoid eviction and get away with not paying their rent if they cry to their landlord about everything that is wrong with their lives. That doesn't fly here at HoltonWise. At HoltonWise, it's no pay, no stay. If you don't pay your rent, you are getting evicted from your home, even if you are a single mom. 




Single Mom Starts Crying During Her Eviction | HoltonWiseTV Highlights

Landlords shouldn't feel bad if they have to evict single mothers. Many people will try to blame the landlord for what happens to a single mom and her kids on eviction day. Some people will even say that the landlord is an evil person for evicting people who have children. The liberal narrative is that evicting kids is the wrong thing for the landlord to do. The thing is, the landlord isn't the one evicting the single mom and her children. The kids get evicted by their deadbeat mothers who make poor life choices. If you don't act like a responsible adult and pay your bills, you're going to get your kids evicted. Crying to the landlord isn't going to stop the eviction. Be smart, go to work and pay your rent, or you're going to get evicted.




90% of Realtors are just Future Uber Drivers | HoltonWiseTV Highlights

If you are thinking about buying a house, or investing in the housing market, you're probably going to want to talk to a Realtor. Thing is, you need to be careful when choosing a real estate agent to work with. The barrier to entry to become a real estate agent is so low that almost 90% of Realtors fail the business within a year or two. Taking advice from a failed Realtor can turn out terribly for any first time home buyer, investor, or home seller. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV to learn how the housing market works from successful real estate professionals who aren't going to wash out of the real estate business in the next year or two.





The Pile Grows on Eviction Day | HoltonWiseTV Highlights

If you don't pay your rent you are going to see a pile of stuff in your front yard on eviction day. No pay, no stay. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for more live evictions caught on camera. Nobody has more live eviction footage than HoltonWiseTV.




What is the Toughest Job in the World? | HoltonWiseTV Highlights

What is the toughest job in the world? Is being a plumber the hardest job out there? Is it being a Doctor? Is it being a Police Officer? Or, is it being a landlord?




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