HoltonWise Starts a Charity to Help Tenants Facing Eviction

Yesterday HoltonWiseTV released the Eviction Claus character in our apparel line. As expected, it's been a mixed bag of reactions.


Because they have not had their world view skewed by the fake narrative and vilification of property ownership, property management & capitalism in general; Property Managers, Landlords & Republicans find the humor in the product line that makes light of the crimes that have been perpetrated upon them. 

Meanwhile the Liberals, Socialists, Marxists & Democrats have reached out with their typical amount of their self serving fake outrage about a situation that they have no objective experience in.


Going on the internet and calling a property owner an evil person for evicting someone who is stealing from them, does not make you a good person. It makes you a person who is confused on the reality of the situation. It makes you a person who beats your chest about the wrongs of the world, but only if the one fixing them isn't you.

Housing has a cost. Just like food and clothing. There is never "free rent." The rent is always due. It's either paid by the person living in the home or it's paid by someone else. Taking something from someone else does not make you a good person. It makes you a thief.

People will randomly ask me how I sleep at night doing what I do for a living. MF I don't steal from people, I stop people from stealing. So I sleep just fine. I believe that I speak for most reasonable people when I say that



So if you are one of these keyboard warriors who wants to help, why don't you help and actually do what you are asking 1,000's of mom & pop property owner's around the country to do? Why don't you step in with YOUR OWN WALLET and help out those in need?

And guess what, I'm going to utilize my platform to make it as easy as possible for you.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this item will be used to help stop an eviction of a tenant for non payment of rent. So when you are out there beating your chest, because you are such a bleeding heart, you no longer have an excuse to avoid putting your money where your mouth is. Kicking the can down the road ends now. If you want to stop an eviction you've got to pay for it, not just vilify someone else into doing something that you yourself are not willing to do. 

Put Up - or - Shut Up.




-James Wise. CEO, HoltonWise


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