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Shocked! We had to get the Hazmat Suits for these Evictions Caught on Tape | Tenants From Hell 158

Are you ready for some more shocking evictions caught on camera? In the 158th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show, the HoltonWiseTV team is giving viewers a first hand tour of some eviction aftermath that is so disgusting our property management team had to wear hazmat suits for the eviction process walkthrough. If you are interested in starting your own property management business, and would like to work directly with a property manager that has helped 1,000's of real estate investors learn about managing Section 8 housing, reach out to HoltonWise today. HoltonWise makes earning money from Section 8 housing as easy as possible with a full set of boots on the ground turnkey resources in the best Section 8 markets in the USA.




Shocking Footage of the Eviction Process in Dangerous Neighborhoods | Tenants From Hell 157

There are dangerous neighborhoods in America where things like crime, poverty and evictions are the norm, not the exception. Oftentimes these dangerous neighborhoods attract Section 8 real estate investors. The reason so many Section 8 landlords chose to buy up properties in bad areas of the USA is because the housing is so cheap. Many Section 8 real estate investor see buying low income housing as an opportunity to make money by buying rental properties for pennies on the dollar. Some Section 8 investors become millionaires doing this, while others lose a ton of money. Dealing with tenants in dangerous cities in the US is not an easy job for any property manager. During the 157th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV team is providing viewers with a compilation of footage that shows live evictions caught on tape as well as the aftermath of the eviction process in dangerous neighborhoods. In some areas of the country an investor may evict their tenant, clean up the house and move another one into the property in a short time period. This isn't always to case when people are getting evicted from houses in bad neighborhoods. When you're dealing with evictions in dangerous cities the landlord may get squatters in their properties post eviction. A vacant house in a bad area can be a target for gangs, drug users and thieves. Sometimes landlords can't deal with this and they abandon their properties leading to more distressed homes throughout some of these bad neighborhoods. If you are interested in investing in low income neighborhoods, it's very important to have the right boots on the ground team to assist you. Reach out to HoltonWise for assistance with your Section 8 investment goals. HoltonWise has the tools, resources and experience necessary to handle managing tenants in dangerous places.




A Section 8 Thanksgiving: Smelly Eviction & a Flooded House in the Hood | Tenants From Hell 156

Happy Thanksgiving. Here is your Thanksgiving Day reminder that owning Section 8 houses isn't some walk in the park. Sure, a whole lot of people have become millionaires because they invested in a lot of Section 8 homes in blighted neighborhoods, but that doesn't mean managing Section 8 rentals is easy. From smelly evictions caught on tape, to houses being flooded after all of the plumbing was stolen, to pink strip clubs in the hood, we've got it all here for you on the 156th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV for insight into the daily life of a Section 8 property management company. From live evictions caught on tape, to cops evicting squatters, to Section 8 investment opportunities, don't miss out on any of the Section 8 property management drama here on HoltonWiseTV, subscribe today.




Get the Moving Truck! Live Evictions Caught on Tape | Tenants From Hell 155

If you don't pay your rent, you better get the moving truck ready, because it's eviction time. If you've never seen the eviction process before, buckle up buttercup. The 155th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show features a compilation of live eviction footage. Here on HoltonWiseTV we show people the real life experiences of landlords, property managers, tenants and people using Section 8 vouchers. If you're a renter, these evictions caught on camera should be enough to make you think twice about not paying your rent. If you're a landlord, these evictions caught on tape should make you doublecheck your tenant screening process. If you're looking to get started in real estate investing, reach out to HoltonWise today. HoltonWise specializes in partnering with real estate investors from all over the world to help them build a real estate empire. With 1,000's of rentals, 100's of evictions and rental property sales over $200 million dollars, HoltonWise has the tools and resources to help you become a passive real estate investor.




Shocking! Taking a Section 8 Housing Tour in a few Low Income Neighborhoods | Tenants From Hell 154

Are you thinking about investing in Section 8 rental properties? Buying Section 8 properties is a great way to make a lot of money. Many people have become millionaires because of the Section 8 voucher program. In property management, there is nothing better than guaranteed government income. However, managing a bunch of Section 8 houses is not for everyone. Oftentimes, inexperienced real estate investors don't know what they are getting into when they start buying Section 8 homes in low income neighborhoods. Oftentimes, newbie real estate investors are blinded by the thought of guaranteed rent checks, and these brand new investors fail to prepare themselves for the types of neighborhoods and tenants that they will be working with. When managing Section 8 properties, or looking for properties to buy to turn into Section 8 investments, a Section 8 landlord is going to end up in some rough areas touring some rough houses. A Section 8 investor is going to be buying houses that are dirty, messy, cluttered, in a state of disrepair and in need of major repairs to pass a Section 8 inspection. Many times this leads new Section 8 landlords into a state of shock, or disappointment. Touring houses in low income neighborhoods for the first time can be downright shocking. During the 154th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show, the HoltonWiseTV team is giving viewers a look at a day in the life of a property manager who works with 1,000's of Section 8 renters. You'll get a first hand look at the types of properties you'll be dealing with as you build your Section 8 empire. For some investors, managing a real estate portfolio in low income areas is a one way ticket to real estate riches. For other investors, seeing the living conditions of people living in low income neighborhoods is a turnoff. Either way, it's important to know what you're getting into and this Section 8 housing tour should give you a good idea of what a day in the life of a Section 8 landlord looks like. If you would like help buying Section 8 properties, reach out to HoltonWise today. HoltonWise specializes in helping out of state investors become long distance rental property owners. When it comes to long distance real estate investing, having a proven boots on the ground team in the Section 8 neighborhood your investments are located in is key to your success as a Section 8 homeowner.




Full Eviction Caught on Tape: Watch these Deadbeats get Evicted Live | Tenants From Hell 153

The best part of watching evictions caught on tape is seeing the deadbeat tenants scramble around the outside of the house after realizing they've been locked out of the place they used to call home. After months of stealing and thieving, the scumbag tenants are now stuck trying to collect their scattered possessions after the landlord threw everything they owned onto the street. Some people think evicting people is cruel. Some people think evicting people is wrong. Some people think evicting people is evil. Some people think that evicting people makes you a bad person. On HoltonWiseTV we think that's all a bunch of socialist crap. Evicting people is justice. Evicting some scumbag who's been stealing from their landlord for months and months is akin to jailing a criminal for a crime. That crime is theft. Theft of rent. Theft of property. Theft of income. On the 153rd episode of The Tenants From Hell Show you'll get to see live footage of a thieving squatter getting their justice. This live eviction caught on camera follows the entire eviction process from beginning to end. From the authorities and landlord entering the home, to placing all of the tenant's belongs on the curb, to changing the locks so these crooks can no longer steal from the homeowner. You'll see it all her on HoltonWiseTV. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV for an inside look into the property management business. From evictions caught on tape, to property management tips, to real estate investment opportunities, we've got it all here for you on HoltonWiseTV.




Shocking! Girl Begs her Landlord to Evict Her | Tenants From Hell 152

When you evict people for a living, there is always something new and shocking going on. Evictions are always very tough for everyone involved. Evictions can be very unpredictable. Just when a landlord thinks he's seen everything that eviction day has to offer, boom an eviction curveball gets thrown. The 152nd episode of The Tenants From Hell Show is perhaps the craziest eviction caught on tape. The thing that's so crazy about this eviction is, this eviction hasn't happened yet. In fact, the landlord has no intention of evicting this tenant. However, this tenant is caught on tape begging her landlord to evict her. Does this eviction story make any sense? Nope. Is asking your landlord to give you an eviction notice a good idea? Absolutely not. But it happened and it's all part of a day in the life of a property manager. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for more evictions caught on camera, tenant screening tips, real estate investment opportunities and much more. HoltonWise is real estate investing made easy.




Some Men just want to Watch the World Burn: Section 8 Exposed | Tenants From Hell 151

Do you want to learn how to succeed in section 8 housing? Do you want to learn how to make money with Section 8 rental properties? Do you want to build a Section 8 empire? Do you want to learn how to become a millionaire with Section 8 housing? What do you know about Section 8 real estate investing? Have you heard that buying Section 8 housing is easy money? Have you heard that owning Section 8 rental property is a great way to make money without having to do any work? Have you heard that investing in Section 8 houses is an easy way to get rich? Do you think the moment you become a Section 8 landlord you're going to become a millionaire? We sure hope not. Because the truth about managing a portfolio of Section 8 properties, is that being a Section 8 property manager is one of the world's toughest jobs. From constant evictions, to bad renters destroying your properties, to crazy renters trying to burn your house down, Section 8 can be a nightmare for Section 8 investors who aren't prepared. During the 151st episode of The Tenants From Hell Show you'll see a compilation of footage of the HoltonWise property management team working in low income neighborhoods where we manage a huge portfolio of Section 8 properties. We don't hold back on HoltonWiseTV. Here at HoltonWiseTV we show newbie investors the good, bad and the ugly that comes with Section 8 vouchers. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV to learn how to make money purchasing Section 8 housing by being prepared to handle all of the property management nightmares that come along with it. HoltonWise is Section 8 secrets exposed.




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