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Would you Live in the Ghetto for a 1/2 Million Dollars? | MLS Search & Analysis 1,239 - 1135 E 74

How to make a million dollars is a commonly searched on Google. What would you be willing to do to make a million dollars? Would you be willing to live in the ghetto for a million dollars? How about living in the ghetto for a half a million dollars? In the 1,239th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is showing people a real estate investment strategy that will allow them to make $500,000 just for living in this 4 plex in the ghetto of Cleveland, Ohio. This creative real estate investing strategy is called house hacking. House hacking your way to millionaire status might seemed far fetched but house hacking your way to millions is anything but far fetched. Learning how to house hack is a very solid way for real estate newbies to build their wealth while living in a free house. As a matter of fact, James Wise broke into the real estate investment industry with a house hack in the Cleveland real estate market. Over the course of this video James Wise will teach you how to house hack with an FHA loan and earn half a million dollars while living for free in a multifamily property. But the catch is, you have to live in the ghetto to do it. So the question is, is living in the ghetto worth a half a million dollars and free housing? If the answer is yes, then house hacking multifamily investment properties in low income areas like the Cleveland ghetto might be a great creative real estate investment strategy for you to become a millionaire real estate investor. If the answer is no, how much money would you need to be willing to live in the ghetto?




How to Joint Venture Wholesale $8,000 Dollar Houses | MLS Search & Analysis 1,225 - 3541 Trowbridge

Wholesaling is often said to be the best way to learn how to invest in real estate with no money. The truth is wholesaling does require some money. However wholesaling houses is one of the cheapest ways to get started in real estate investing. This is especially true if you are wholesaling out of state as many real estate markets across the United States have vacant properties that can be purchased for pennies on the dollar. In some cases these cheap houses can actually be purchased for pennies, literally. The best way to wholesale vacant houses out of state is virtual wholesaling as investors like you can move quickly and don't need to spend time and money on extensive travel to various real estate markets across the United States. The difficulty in virtual wholesaling is somebody needs to be the boots on the ground. Somebody needs to know the repairs costs of the wholesale deal. Somebody needs to know the ARV of the wholesale deal. Somebody needs to have a buyer's list for the wholesale deal. Putting all of that together by yourself when you are just getting started in wholesaling out of state can be very difficult for a new wholesaler to do. In the 1,225nd episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with a new out of state wholesaler named Eli to help Eli wholesale cheap houses out of state in the Cleveland market. Eli and James Wise are going into a wholesaling partnership. With a wholesaling real estate partnership Eli doesn't have to worry about putting the entire wholesale deal together. Joint venture wholesaling with HoltonWise allows new wholesalers like Eli to break into wholesaling with minimal money and experience as HoltonWise handles the majority of the leg work in the wholesaling JV such as, making sure you aren't ingaged in illegal wholesaling or brokering real estate without a license, finding motived sellers, determining the repair costs, calculating the ARV and marketing it to end buyers. If you are interested in JV wholesaling cheap houses, reach out to HoltonWise today. HoltonWise is wholesaling real estate made easy. 




How Canadians are getting Rich Buying Airbnb's in the USA | MLS Search & Analysis 1,222 - 2201 W 41

If you are wondering how to make money in America from Canada you have come to the right place. Here on HoltonWiseTV we help Canadians learn how to invest in real estate in the United States. On the 1,222nd episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is helping a Canadian real estate investor buy American housing to use as a short term rental property on websites like Airbnb and VRBO. With HoltonWise buying US housing from Canada does not have to be difficult. With HoltonWise we not only teach you how to buy US real estate as a Canadian but HoltonWise can manage all of your US rental properties, making your international real estate investing experience as passive as possible. The Airbnb rental in today's show is in one of the cheapest markets in the United States of America, Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland housing market is one of the most attractive American housing market for Canadians to invest in because the cost of living in this part of America is so much cheaper than the cost of living in Canada. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV for more information on investing in the United States from Canada as well as international Airbnb investment strategies. HoltonWiseTV is Canadian real estate investing made easy.




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