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How a Long Beach Man is Getting Rich with Section 8 Houses | MLS Search & Analysis 1,090 - 2100 Fern

When you think of Long Beach, California the last thing on your mind is low income Section 8 rental properties. However, in the 1,090th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is talking about Long Beach and Section 8 houses. What a weird real estate combo. James Wise is working with a Long Beach, California man, named George. George from Long Beach wants to invest in low income Section 8 rental properties but where he lives in Long Beach, California isn't the traditional place one looks when they are trying to buy low income housing for investment purposes. California has one of the highest costs of living in the United States of America and Long Beach housing is just too expensive for a regular guy like George to be able to afford. So instead of giving up on his dream of becoming a Long Beach landlord George has decided to become a long distance rental property owner. James Wise sets George up with a Section 8 property in the Cleveland housing market as the Cleveland real estate market is one of the best markets in the United States for cash flow. Many California investors just like George invest in low income housing in the Cleveland area as opposed to their California hometown's as where they live in California is too expensive and the numbers don't make sense. If you are like George from Long Beach, California and are looking for the best cash flow markets in the USA to invest in real estate Holton Wise is here for you. Holton Wise offers full service property management, maintenance, home renovation, construction, insurance, tenant screening, tenant leasing, eviction services and much more to California residents looking to build low cost rental property portfolios out of state.




Why this Mailman from Las Vegas is Investing in Cleveland | MLS Search & Analysis 1,087 - 3415 W 95

After a long time researching the Las Vegas real estate market this Mailman from Las Vegas has determined that despite Las Vegas having a strong housing market investing in Las Vegas real estate just isn't in the cards for him. Ya see this Vegas mailman is looking for a rental property side hustle but all of the Las Vegas rental homes are too expensive for him to invest in. Does this sound like you? Are you having trouble buying rental property in Las Vegas due to the high cost of real estate in Las Vegas? Is the cash flow that comes with owning Las Vegas rental properties too low for your rental property investing goals? Do you wonder if buying rental property in Las Vegas is even a good idea? If any of this sounds like you, you are in luck. In the 1,087th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is helping this Vegas Mailman accomplish his real estate goals out of state due to the problems he's been having investing in Las Vegas housing. James Wise goes over the numbers on a duplex in Cleveland, Ohio that's much cheaper than anything this Vegas Mailman could find scouring all of Las Vegas for rental homes. Best of all this Mailman doesn't have to worry about leaving Las Vegas to handle any issues at his Cleveland area rental property as HoltonWise can act as his Clevleand property management company. HoltonWise can take care of everything that happens with his Cleveland real estate portfolio while he focuses his attention on his day job in Las Vegas, Nevada. HoltonWise is Las Vegas real estate investing out of state made easy.




Is Seller Financing BAD for Real Estate Investors? | MLS Search & Analysis 1,085 - 3251 E 118

Seller financing real estate is often talked about as one of the best real estate investment strategies for investors who don't have a lot of money. Truth be told, seller financing strategies are awesome.  Seller financing has been a big tool in James Wise's career. James Wise has several million dollars worth of seller financed rental properties. Learning how to owner finance real estate can really help a real estate investor buy a lot of properties without using their own money. Who wouldn't want to learn how to buy real estate with no money? Owner financing real estate is always an awesome real estate strategy...Until it isn't. In the 1,085th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with a new investor named Tim. Tim is trying to invest in real estate with little money. As such, seller financing rental property is Tim's preferred real estate investment strategy. With the creative financing options available in the seller financed business Tim can possibly qualify for loans that he would not have otherwise gotten from a bank. However, the Cleveland area property that Tim is thinking about buying on seller financed terms is actually a bad investment. Despite how great creative financing is, if Tim buy's this investment property in Ohio James Wise thinks Tim is making a seller financed mistake.




How a NYC Investor Saved $25k on a Rental in Ohio | MLS Search & Analysis 1,081 - 10407 Bernard

In real estate investing, you make money when you buy. That's one of the truest statements in the real estate industry. That statement is true in the New York City real estate market. That statement is true in the Cleveland real estate market. In the 1,081st episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with an investor from New York City named Andres. Even though Andres is living in New York City, he doesn't want to invest in New York City real estate. Instead, Andres wants to invest his money in the Cleveland, Ohio housing market. The reason Andres is living in NYC, but investing in the Cleveland market, is because the New York City cost of living is too high for Andres to be able to afford to buy cash flowing rental properties near his home in New York. So Andres has chosen to partner with HoltonWise to build his rental property portfolio out of state in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The thing is, you've got to buy right to make money in real estate. Even if the real estate is very cheap compared to where you live. So James Wise is showing Andres an investment strategy that should allow him to be able to get a $25,000 discount on a duplex in Cleveland, Ohio. Then, after the sale of the Cleveland rental property HoltonWise will handle all of the Cleveland property management, maintenance, landscaping and insurance for Andres so he can have a completely passive income stream in Ohio while living in New York City. If you living in NYC on a budget like Andres, but would still like to get started in real estate investing, reach out to HoltonWise today. HoltonWise is real estate investing from NYC made easy.




I Don't Raise My Tenant's Rent & THIS IS WHY | MLS Search & Analysis 1,071 - 3820 Muriel

What is the best way to raise your tenant's rent? Should you raise your tenant's rent? If you should raise your tenant's rent, when should you raise your tenant's rent? How to raise rent on tenants? If I raise my tenant's rent, how much should I raise my tenant's rent by? These are all great questions that many new landlords have when they start investing in rental properties that have tenants in them who are paying a below market rate rent amount. If you are one of the many landlords out there who is looking to find out how to raise rents the right way, who wants to know how to increase your tenant's rent without creating a vacancy loss, who wants to know the most profitable way to increase a tenant's rent amount, who wants to know the best way to deal with tenants paying low rent, then episode 1,071 of The MLS Search & Analysis Show is for you. During the show James Wise is working with an out of state real estate investor to help him buy a rental property in the Cleveland real estate market. The reason this New Yorker has chosen to invest in the Cleveland housing market is because it's much cheaper than where he lives in NYC. In addition, where he lives in New York he isn't even allowed to raise rents when he wants to. He has to deal with rent control. But raising rents might not always be the right answer. Just because you can raise rents in the Cleveland market whenever you want to raise rents, it's not always the smartest decision for your rental property business. Best of all, the insight James Wise provides this New York rental property owner turned out of state investor, not only applies to this Cleveland duplex, but any rental property that has tenants paying below market rent in an area without rent control. Stop raising rent without a plan. It's time to learn how rent increases can be implemented in the most profitable way possible without creating tenant turnovers. Tenant turnover is the most expensive cost associated with owning rental properties and tenant turnover should be avoided whenever possible, even if that means changing how you raise the rent on your tenants.




How to get a Good Deal on a House ($15,000 Discount) | MLS Search & Analysis 1,070 - 3820 Muriel

Do you know how to lower your mortgage payment? You lower your house payments by buying the house at a lower price in the first place. When you are in real estate for long enough you will realize that you make money when you buy a house. What this means is that buying a house for the right price is the most important part of the real estate investing experience. You need to make money the moment you buy the house. So now you're wondering how to make money when you buy a house? The best way to make money buying houses to become an expert in how to negotiate the price of a house. By mastering how to get a seller to lower the price of the house during the negotiation process you will be able to maximize the amount of money you will make in your real estate investment. In the 1,070th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with a California based investor who wants to buy a rental property in Ohio. Not only does James Wise help him find a good investment property to buy, James Wise goes over the best way to negotiate a $15,000 discount on the house due to some mistakes the seller made while operating it as a mom and pop rental property. If you are interested in learning how to get the seller to reduce the price of a rental home subscribe to HoltonWiseTV today. HoltonWiseTV is rental property investing made easy.




This Mother & Son are Investing in Cleveland Duplexes | MLS Search & Analysis 1,069 - 3820 Muriel

If you are a rental property investor who has been thinking about buying cash flowing properties in the Cleveland housing market you do not want to miss the 1,069th episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show. During the show, James Wise is working with a mother and son team of real estate investors from California. This mother & son team of investors have a goal of buying duplexes in the Cleveland market together. The reason these two out of state investors want to buy Cleveland duplexes is twofold. First of all, like any good parent, the mother would like to teach her son about the real estate industry and entrepreneurship. Secondly, the Cleveland market is one of the best cash flow markets in the United States. Simply put the Cleveland market can make this parent and child combo some serious cold hard cash. Duplexes in Cleveland typically have a very high price to rent ratio and come equipped with a large rental demand from Section 8 tenants as well as cash paying tenants. Over the course of the show James Wise breaks down the expectations these Californians should have when it comes to owning Cleveland duplexes. James Wise goes over the income estimates on this Cleveland duplex as well as the cost estimates of this Cleveland duplex. Owning and managing Cleveland duplexes isn't for everyone, so anyone considering a Cleveland Ohio duplex should watch today's show to see if Duplex investing in Cleveland, Ohio is right for them.




VIP MEMBERS ONLY | MLS Search & Analysis 1,063

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How to Get the Best Loans for Real Estate Investing | MLS Search & Analysis 1,062 - 419 Center

If you want to learn how to get loans for rental properties you are in the right place. In fact, this isn't just the right place for investors looking for loans for their rental properties. This is the place for investors who are looking for the best loans for their rental properties. Ya see, all real estate financing isn't created equal. There are good loans for real estate investors and there are bad loans for real estate investors. Somewhere in the middle there are a lot of average investor loans. In the 1,062nd episode of The Investment Properties For Sale Show James Wise is working with an investor from California named Jeffro. Jeffro and James Wise are working together to build Jeffro an out of state rental property portfolio in the Cleveland housing market. Jeffro needs James Wise's assistance in learning how to finance multiple rental properties in the most profitable way so that he can scale his real estate business. James Wise walks Jeffro through a great fourplex in Bedford, Ohio that allows him to show Jeffro how to get the best financing for rental properties. When you are able to get the best loans for properties your ability to grow your real estate business can really speed up to a rapid pace. If you'd like to learn how to get the best loans for rental properties make sure you tune in to HoltonWiseTV today. HoltonWiseTV is real estate financing made easy. 




Is Investing in Cleveland Housing a Scam? RIP-OFF WARNING | MLS Search & Analysis 1,053 - 3692 E 147

Are Cleveland real estate deals a scam? Is investing in Cleveland Ohio housing from out of state a scam? Do people in Cleveland scam out of state investors? Maybe, maybe not. Investing in the Cleveland real estate market can feel a lot like a scam if you buy the wrong Cleveland property. Buying Cleveland real estate can be a very risky business decision if the Cleveland home buyer doesn't understand the Cleveland housing market. In the 1,053rd episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with a real estate investor from Austin, Texas named Paula. This Texan wants to build a real estate portfolio in the Cleveland market because Cleveland, Ohio has a much cheaper cost of living than Austin, Texas. With this cheaper cost of living in Cleveland vs that of Austin, Texas Paula's money will go much further in the Cleveland housing market than it would in the Austin housing market. Paula's main question for James Wise is whether or not the Cleveland BRRR deal she is looking at is a good real estate investment or a total ripoff. Paula wants to make sure she does all of her Cleveland due diligence before pulling the trigger on this BRRRR strategy deal as she wants to avoid falling victim to another Cleveland real estate scam that so many other out of state investors have done before her. If you are like Paula from Austin, Texas and you are investing in Cleveland real estate and wonder if you are getting ripped off doing Cleveland BRRRR deals like this one make sure you subscribe to HoltonWiseTV. HoltonWiseTV is Cleveland real estate investing made easy.




Will a Ghetto Cleveland BRRRR Deal Make or Break You? | MLS Search & Analysis 1,052 - 12505 Signet

If you are interested in getting started in Cleveland real estate investing you have probably been looking for the best cash flow rental markets in the United States. High cash flow and low housing prices are the number one and two reasons real estate investors from all over the world come to Cleveland to invest in real estate. With investors being attracted to the Cleveland market because of the low cost of housing it's not uncommon for Cleveland real estate investors to look at the cheapest properties in the Cleveland real estate market. Many of the cheapest properties in Cleveland are highly distressed or located in a ghetto area with high crime and low median income. In the 1,052nd episode of The MLS Search & Analysis Show James Wise is working with a real estate investor from Austin, Texas who has identified a cheap property in Cleveland, Ohio. This Austin investor would like James Wise to perform a BRRRR deal analysis on this Cleveland property for her. She would like to know if this cheap BRRRR deal will be a BRRRR strategy success in Cleveland or if this Cleveland BRRRR investment deal is overpriced due to the high level of crime in the Cleveland neighborhood it's located in. During the video James Wise goes over what type of Cleveland investor he thinks could be successful in a ghetto neighborhood like this one, as well as what type of Cleveland property owner will have trouble making a profit on a BRRRR strategy deal like this. In addition James Wise goes over the real world problems out of state investors looking at ghetto neighborhoods will face when they are trying to hire Cleveland property managers to run the renovations on their high risk BRRRR method deals in Cleveland.




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