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Florida Tenant Shoots Landlord's Maintenance Workers for Fixing his Apartment | Tenants From Hell 69

Bad tenants can make managing rental properties a nightmare. Sometimes horrible tenants can make rental property management dangerous and 66-year old Phil Robins of Cocoa, Florida might be one of the world's worst tenants. This renter from hell is both angry and dangerous, every landlord's worst nightmare. In the 69th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show, professional landlord James Wise is sounding off on the shooting of a landlord's maintenance workers by nightmare renter Phil Robins. Allegedly Phil Robins was enraged by his landlord's decision to send his property management workers into Phil Robins' apartment to handle some maintenance issues. You may be wondering why a tenant would be mad about his landlord fixing his apartment. Doesn't make any sense does it? Unfortunately angry tenants like Phil Robins are just part of a day in the life of a rental property owner. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for more landlord horror stories like this one. HoltonWiseTV is real estate investing made easy.




The Christmas Eviction Murder in Coral Springs, Florida | Tenants From Hell 68

Evictions can be some of the most dangerous situations in the real estate industry. In the 68th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV explores the murder of a Florida Realtor following the eviction of a disgruntled tenant. The killing of Parkland, Florida real estate agent Sara Trost is nothing short of a tragedy. Allegedly the reason for the Florida Realtor's murder just days before Christmas 2021 was because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A disgruntled tenant named Raymond Wesley Reese was going through an eviction with his landlord. Raymond Wesley Reese allegedly mistook Sara Trost as his landlord while she was sitting in her Jeep ready to show the home. Raymond Wesley Reese allegedly opened fire on Sara Trost as a form of revenge for evicting him from his rental home.




Tenant Brutally Kills His Landlord & Hides Her Body in the Woods | Tenants From Hell 67

Killing your landlord is one way to avoid eviction day. In the 67th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show we take a look at the case of Brian George Sayrs Jr and his landlord Emily Lu. The Fairfax County Police have accused Brian George Sayrs Jr of murdering his landlord Emily Lu and hiding her body in a remote wooded area in Lorton, Virginia.




MLB Player Noah Syndergaard Sued in HUGE Landlord Tenant Lawsuit | Tenants From Hell 66

One way real estate investors reduce the risk of evictions, non payment of rent and landlord tenant disputes is to rent properties to tenants with good credit and income. Good credit and income is the corner stone of any landlord's tenant screening process. Imagine being a landlord who's tenant has the net worth of an MLB player making $10 Million per year. You'd think having a rich and famous tenant who plays in the MLB and makes $10 Million per year you'd never have to deal with typical landlord tenant problems. Thing is, you might be wrong. In the 66th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show we take a look at the lawsuit between Noah Syndergaard and his New York City landlord. Noah Syndergaard's landlord alleges that Noah Syndergaard violated his lease and owes the landlord $225,000. However, Noah Syndergaard alleges that it's actually his landlord who is the bad guy. Noah Syndergaard has claimed that his New York City landlord is extorting him.




R Kelly has been Evicted 5 Times Despite Estimated $100 Million Net Worth | Tenants From Hell 65

Before being convicted on all charges in his racketeering and sex trafficking trail, R&B singer R Kelly has been evicted by his landlord's at least 5 times. R Kelly's evictions are despite him having once had an estimated net worth of around $100 Million. Being evicted from 5 different properties is pretty shocking given R Kelly's fortune & fame as an R&B superstar. In the 65th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV team looks at the financial problems R Kelly is facing. From R Kelly being evicted from two of his mansions in the Atlanta, Georgia area for unpaid rent to R kelly's eviction from his recording studio in Chicago for throwing parties that damaged the landlord's building to his girlfriend's being evicted from his Trump Tower apartments after his arrest we take a detailed look at the torment this famous multi millionaire tenant caused his landlords.




20 year Squatter: This Long Island Tenant Avoided Eviction for OVER 20 years | Tenants From Hell 64

The Covid eviction moratorium has delayed a lot of evictions for landlords and property managers all over the United States. While many real estate investors are upset every time they hear there is an eviction moratorium extension, the Covid 19 eviction moratorium delays are nothing compared to the 20+ year eviction delay we are discussing in the 64th episode of the Tenants From Hell Show. A long Island tenant named Guramrit Hanspal has avoided being evicted from a house he lost in foreclosure in 2000. To call Guramrit Hanspal a professional squatter is an understatement. Multiple bankruptcies & quit claim deeds are just a few tricks of the trade for this professional tenant.




Dead Body: Police & Property Manager Dealing with a Dead Tenant at Apartment | Tenants From Hell 63

If you've ever asked "what is it like being a property manager?" you are in the right place. In the 63rd episode of The Tenants From Hell Show we give real estate investors a look at a day in the life of a property manager. A day in the life of a real estate investor isn't always filled with big rent checks. No, not even close. A day in the life of a landlord involves dealing with tenants, dealing with difficult tenants, talking to tenants, evicting tenants and in this case dealing with a tenant who has died in your rental property. How a property manager goes about talking to tenant's next of kin in the event of a tenant death is very important. Nobody wants a tenant to die in their rental property but it does happen and this a look at what happens when a property manager discovers a dead body at their rental property. Nobody wants to find a dead body at their house but this is what it's really like when you are getting started in rental property investing so hit that subscribe button if you're looking for landlord tips, DIY property management advice or a real life look at what it's like to be a rental property owner.




Eviction Aftermath: Let's see what the Savages did to the House this Time | Tenants From Hell 62

Real estate investing ain't easy. If you aren't prepared to be a landlord your tenants can drive you out of the rental property business altogether. In the 62nd episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV crew takes real estate investors on a tour of one of our houses shortly after an eviction day move out. As you'll be able to see the tenants lived like complete savages until they were evicted for non payment of rent. All part of the day to day business of a property manager working in low income areas.




Police Evicting Squatters from Grandma's Basement: LIVE EVICTION FOOTAGE | Tenants From Hell 61

What do you do when a junkie squatter breaks into your tenant's home and starts living in their basement? As a real estate investor you probably never thought about this eviction scenario. What normal human being wonders what they would do if a random drug addict broke into their home and started living in their basement? Thing is, when you are investing in real estate these kinds of things can, and do happen. In the 61st episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV team is working with Police to evict a squatter who has broken into the basement of an apartment building in Cleveland, Ohio. In Cleveland you don't often see tenants evicted by Police but today you are in for a treat as you will get too see live eviction day footage as this illegal tenant is evicted by the Cops and the Holton-Wise property management team.




94 year old Tenant Kills Landlord over Chicken & Eviction. Dementia to Blame? | Tenants From Hell 60

Dealing with tenants is probably the hardest thing an investor has to do in real estate investing. As a real estate investor you always have to be on your toes because you never know when a good tenant is going to go bad. In the 60th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show we take a look at the deadly eviction between an east Oakland landlord named Kulbushan Gupta and his 94 year old tenant, Frank Spillman. Frank Spillman had rented from Kulbushan Gupta for over 35 years. During the tenancy the tensions between the tenant and the landlord grew to a boiling point. Frank Spillman believed his landlord had poisoned his chickens and was going to evict him. These beliefs have been attributed to Frank Spilman's dementia by some. In the end, Frank Spilman became one of the oldest people arrested for murder in the history of the United States when shot and killed his landlord Kulbushan Gupta while Gupta was visiting the property he rented to Spilman.




SQUATTERS IN MY HOUSE: Clearing my House after Squatters Broke In | Tenants From Hell 59

Clearing out illegal squatters from a rental property can put real estate investors in an extremely difficult and dangerous situation. As a new landlord you may be wondering what to do if squatters broke into your house. Can you evict squatters? What is the difference between evicting squatters and evicting regular tenants? What are the squatters rights when clearing squatters out of your house? You are in luck, these are the types of situations we deal with at HoltonWise and here on HoltonWiseTV. On the 59th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV team is clearing one of our houses after serial squatters broke in and started living there illegally.




BAD EVICTION Tenant doesn't Pay Rent for 14 Months during Eviction Moratorium | Tenants From hell 58

The covid eviction moratorium has many tenants asking "can my landlord evict me right now?" In some cases the answer to that question is actually no. This has led to many renters not paying rent to their landlords. Tenants taking advantage of the eviction ban is a property managers worst nightmare. In the case of Bristol, Connecticut landlord David Haberfield that nightmare came to life. His dead beat tenant stopped paying him rent for over 14 months. By the time David Haberfield was finally able to evict this nightmare tenant the damage had already been done to the tune of $25,000. David's house was completely trashed by this horrible tenant. Graffiti and red paint covered the walls of the once nice rental property. In the 58th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show James Wise talks with David Haberfield about the worst eviction we have ever seen on The Tenants From Hell Show and how David is changing his tenant screening process due to the CDC eviction moratorium.




BREAKING CDC Eviction Moratorium Extended AGAIN. Will Covid Eviction Ban End? | Tenants From Hell 57

In the 57th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show we cover the breaking news that many struggling property owners have been dreading. On March 29th. 2021 The CDC eviction moratorium extension has been extended until June 30th. 2021. With the CARES Act eviction moratorium beginning in March of 2020, and the national eviction moratorium going into effect in September of 2020, this most recent eviction moratorium extension means some rental property owners will have been forced to let people live in their homes rent free for over 15 months. The endless covid 19 eviction moratoriums are making many real estate investors wonder when private property rights will be restored. When will the endless coronavirus eviction moratoriums end? Is the cancel rent movement winning?




Abandoned Dog Rescued by Bailiff at Eviction | Tenants From Hell 56

Evictions are part of real estate investing and every eviction is difficult, especially evictions involving children or pets. Unfortunately it's not uncommon for tenants to ditch their pets when being evicted or moving out of their rental properties. In the 56th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV crew takes viewers on a live eviction where an abandoned dog was left alone on eviction day by her deadbeat owner who was nowhere to be found.




Landlords are Scumbags? This is why Landlords Hate Renters From Hell | Tenants From Hell 55

When you search the word Landlords on Google or YouTube some of the searches that auto populate are "landlords are parasites" "landlords are scum" "landlords are scumbags" "landlords are bad" "landlords are bad everybody" "landlords are the worst" and our personal favorite "landlords are the scum of the earth." Why is there so much hate for landlords? Why do tenants hate landlords so much? Is it because tenants think their landlords hate them? Why do landlords hate tenants? Is it because some landlords have grown to hate their tenants after horrible experiences like the tenants refusing to pay rent? Tenants trashing their houses? Tenants forcing their landlords to evict them? In the 55th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV crew takes you on a tour of a couple houses that may shine some light on why so many landlords hate their tenants.




Squatters in My House Living like Animals | Tenants From Hell 54

In the 54th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV crew takes you on a tour of a condemned house filled with squatters. If you've ever thought about buying cheap real estate in the ghetto's of America, this is a reality you may have to deal with. Properties in these blighted areas are filled with evictions, transients, property damage, crime, drugs, prostitution and a whole bunch of property management nightmares. Make sure you subscribe to HoltonWiseTV to get a feel for the realities of managing rental properties in America's toughest neighborhoods before you spend your hard earned money a rental property you aren't ready to manage.




Tenant Trashed Crack House In The Hood | Tenants From Hell 53

So you want to invest in ghetto real estate because the prices are so low? Do you have what it takes to invest in the ghetto? Are you prepared to deal with evictions, bad tenants and property destruction? In episode 53 of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV crew takes you on a tour of a cracked out hood house.




World's Worst Tenants Confront Landlord | Tenants From Hell 52

Do you have what it takes to work in property management? In the 52nd episode of The Tenants From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV team brings viewers a first hand look at the shocking behavior of some of our worst tenants. Footage includes hostile tenants at the Holton-Wise property management group offices, confrontations between tenants and management at their rental properties and much more. 




Avoid Needles & Squatters when Touring a Crack House in the Ghetto | Tenants From Hell 51

Do you have what it takes to buy rental properties in the ghetto? Is buying real estate in the ghetto dangerous? Can you make money buying rental properties in the ghetto? What do you do when you see a squatter in one of your properties? If you've ever thought about investing in the ghetto and had any of these questions you'll want to watch episode 51 of The Tenants From Hell Show. John Holton and the HoltonWiseTV crew take real estate investors like you on a tour of an abandoned apartment building turned crack house the ghetto. Watch as John and team try to avoid needle sticks, squatters, holes in the floor and much more.




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