Ohio Landlord Insurance FAQ

Q. Is Holton Wise an Insurance Broker?
A. Yes. Holton Wise is licensed insurance broker who specializes in finding Ohio landlords and real estate investors the most cost affordable rental property insurance policies. To get a free no obligation quote on your Ohio rental property click HERE.


Q. What Insurance carriers does Holton Wise work with?
A. Holton Wise works with insurance carriers who specialize in insuring Ohio rental properties. At Holton Wise we are always looking for new insurance carriers to work with so that we can save our investors money on their rental property policy premiums. Some of the insurance carriers that Holton Wise has worked with include American Modern, Foremost, Farmers and Bristol West.


Q. Can I have my landlord insurance policy payment included with my mortgage payment?
A. Yes, this is better known as your PITI Payment. Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance. Holton Wise highly recommends that you do this as it provides you with one less rental property bill to worry about.


Q. What does EFT stand for?
A. Electronic Funds Transfer 

Q. Can I pick the date that my landlord insurance carrier initiates my automatic EFT payments?
A. No, The payments will be made on the due date that appears on your landlord insurance bill.

Q. Will the amount of each automatic EFT payment be the same?
A. The payment amount will depend on the customer’s pay plan and the amount that is shown on the insurance bill. The pay plan can be found on one of the pages on your landlord insurance quote.

Q. Are automatic EFT payments available for any insurance pay plan?
A. Yes. Automatic payments are available for most any rental property insurance plan provided by Holton Wise.


Q. Does Holton Wise process insurance claims?
A. No, if you have an insurance claim you will need to process the claim directly with the insurance carrier.




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