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10 Things you Need to Know About Your Landlord | Landlords From Hell 30

Some people say landlords are evil. Some people say landlords are parasites. Some people say landlords are calls traitors. Some people say landlords are bad. Some people say landlords are the devil. Are landlords really that bad? No, not at all. The one thing all of those people have in common is how stupid they are. In reality, landlords the greatest humans alive. Not only are landlords great, they are mysterious. Landlords do a lot more than evict single mothers or raise the rent on your grandma. During the 30th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, HoltonWiseTV is presenting viewers with 10 things they need to know about their landlord. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV to learn more about how awesome your landlord is.




5 Reasons You Should Tip Your Landlord | Landlords From Hell 29

Getting evicted from your apartment sucks. Everything about the eviction process sucks. Nobody wants to get evicted from their home. Making your landlord happy is a great way to make sure you don't get evicted, and tipping your landlord is a great way to make him happy. If that isn't clear to you, the 29th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show will provide you with 5 reasons why you should be tipping your landlord. So be smart, pay your rent and don't forget to tip your landlord. 




15 Eviction Facts | Landlords From Hell 28

Thinking about ripping off your landlord? Not a good idea. Your landlord is the last person whom you want to steal money from. During the 28th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, the HoltonWiseTV team is learning you 15 things you need to know about getting evicted. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for more info on the eviction process as well as a ton of live eviction footage.




9 Section 8 Housing Facts You Need to Know | Landlords From Hell 27

If you want to make money buying Section  rental property you are going to want to pay close attention to the 9 Section 8 facts we are going over in the 27th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show. During the show you'll learn how Section 8 real estate investing works in the real world. Making money with Section 8 housing isn't easy, but it's possible with the right amount of training. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV to learn more about Section 8 low income housing.




7 Reasons you don't want to Get Evicted from your Apartment | Landlords From Hell 26

Nobody wants to get evicted from their apartment. However, some people don't know just how bad an eviction is. During the 26th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, the HoltonWiseTV team is providing viewers with 7 reason why they don't want to get evicted from their apartment. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for more real estate tips for beginners.




3 Section 8 Landlord Tips | Landlords From Hell 25

Are you getting started in Section 8 investing? Do you want to know how to be a good landlord? During the 25th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, the HoltonWise team is providing new landlords with 3 Section 8 property management tips. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV for more Section 8 tips and tricks for landlords.




Cincinnati Slumlord let the whole damn Wall Fall Off | Landlords From Hell 24

Whether it's because they couldn't properly manage their tenants and had to do eviction after eviction, or because they were too cheap to properly fix up their rental properties, some landlords end up becoming slumlords. Some slumlords are worse than others. Some slumlords are so bad that they contribute to the destruction of once great American cities like Cincinnati, Ohio. During the 24th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, the HoltonWise team is taking viewers on a tour of a distressed property that's been neglected by it's owner for so long that an entire wall of the house fell off. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV to learn more about the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to investing in distressed housing in America's cheapest housing markets. For investors willing to do the work, there is a ton of money to be made investing in distressed cities like Cincinnati, Ohio.




Shocking! Tenant goes ApeSh*t in House but the Landlord is the Real Psycho! | Landlords From Hell 23

The footage you are about to see is shocking. What we have for you on the 23rd episode of The Landlords From Hell Show is a tenant caught on camera going crazy inside of his kitchen. This tenant starts kicking and destroying everything in sight. This tenant is a complete animal. Truly a horrible tenant. Tenants destroying their landlords property are every landlord's worst nightmare. However, none of that is the shocking part. Bad tenants acting like idiots isn't the real story here. The real story, or should we say the shocking part of the story, is the fact that live footage of this tenant damaging his house exists in the first place. Ya see, what we have here is a landlord who installed cameras all over their tenants house. During the show, millionaire landlord James Wise explains why installing cameras inside of your tenant's home is completely psychotic. Any landlord who feels the need to watch their tenants 24/7 is a complete lunatic who gives all landlords a bad name. Slumlords who engage in appalling behavior like violating their tenants right to privacy inside of their homes should sell all of their rental properties and exit the real estate business. Real estate investing is not for everyone. If you are a landlord who thinks watching the inside of your tenants homes whenever you want to is a good business decision, real estate investing is not for you.




Angry Landlord Lost her Mind when we tried Buying her House via Direct Mail | Landlords From Hell 22

Direct mail marketing gone wrong! It's true that direct mail marketing is the best way for real estate investors to market to sellers for houses to buy. Some of the best direct mail marketing prospects are landlords. In fact, direct mail marketing to landlords is one of the most common real estate acquisition strategies. If you watch all of the live evictions caught on tape on The Tenants From Hell Show here on HoltonWiseTV, you can see why direct mailing landlords is such an important strategy for real estate investors. However, not all homeowners are happy when they receive an I buy houses letter. Some homeowners lose their mind when they receive direct mail postcards from investors looking to buy their home. During the 221nd episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, you'll get to hear a crazy landlady lose her mind after she received a piece of direct mail marketing in the mail inquiring about buying her house. Instead of throwing this yellow letter away, she went completely bananas and began harassing the HoltonWise property management staff.




Angry Landlord Vows to Haunt anyone who Buys her House | Landlords From Hell 21

Marketing to tired landlords is a classic real estate investing strategy. If you've watched The Tenants From Hell Show here on HoltonWiseTV, you can probably figure out why. Landlords deal with a lot of rough stuff when it comes to managing rental properties. From eviction day drama, to tenants trashing they properties, being a landlord is a very hard job. As such, many investors looking to buy more properties reach out to landlords to offer to buy their properties. During the 21st episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, we listen in on an angry landlord's voicemail after she received a letter from HoltonWise offering to buy her rental property. This landlord was so mad at the notion that someone would dare buy her property, she vowed to haunt anyone who buys her house. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV for more info on investing in real estate.




Landlord Doubles Tenant's Rent after she becomes an OnlyFans Millionaire | Landlords From Hell 20

OnlyFans star Romi Chase believes that her former Miami landlord tried taking advantage of her when he found out that she was an OnlyFans millionaire. According to OnlyFans model Romi Chase her Miami landlord more than doubled her rent in an effort to force her to move out of his Miami apartment because he did not like that fact that she was involved in the adult entertainment industry. On the 20th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show professional landlord James Wise provides his take on this very unique tenant vs landlord case involving Romi Chase and her former landlord. James Wise answers many landlord vs tenant related questions such as; was this landlord harassment? Was this Miami landlord trying to illegally evict Romi Chase because he did not agree with her career in porn? Or, was Romi Chases's landlord increasing her rent because he was a greedy landlord trying to get an easy payday? Was this illegal tenant harassment by the landlord? Is the landlord raising Romi Chase's rent this much illegal? Did Romi Chase go to court with her landlord? Did Romi Chase end up getting evicted from her Miami apartment? Are other landlords like James Wise supporting what Romi Chase's landlord did to her? Or, is this situation just another slumlord landlord giving the woke left more of a reason to continue the landlords are evil rhetoric that is sweeping the nation?




Property Manager Charged with Embezzling $1M from New Jersey Landlord | Landlords From Hell 19

Real estate fraud schemes are all to prevalent in the property management industry. It appears that one New Jersey rental property owner found out just how prominent real estate scammers are the hard way. In the 19th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, professional landlord James Wise is talking about the recent $1 million dollar embezzlement allegations against New Jersey property manager Nicolas DePaola. New Jersey landlord and property manager Nicolas DePaola has been indicted of 12 crimes related to his duties as the property manager of a New Jersey apartment complex. According to the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office the crimes range from first-degree financial facilitation of criminal activity and multiple counts of theft to failing to pay income taxes and filing a fraudulent tax return. In total Nicolas DePaola has been accused of embezzling approximately $1,149,784 from the New Jersey investor who owns the apartment building. During the show James Wise discusses how to protect your real estate assets from a bad property manager who is more interested than stealing your money than performing the property manager duties that come along with being a 3rd party property manager. There are several simple steps real estate owners can take to ensure their property management companies are properly handling the property management duties and responsibilities in a legal and ethical way. As real estate owners who have hired property managers to handle the day to day responsibilities of their investment property it's easy to put things on auto pilot. Unfortunately managing the property manager is a must to reduce the risk of being involved with a real estate fraud such as the fraud Nicolas DePaola is accused of commuting at the New Jersey apartment building that he was managing. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for learn ow to manager your property manager and receive more property management tips. HoltonWiseTV is property management 101.




Self Defense or Justified? "Killer Karen" Landlord Kills Tenant at Eviction | Landlords From Hell 18

Property Management is a tough business. Not everyone has what it takes to be a landlord. Evictions, property damage, tenants not paying rent, eviction moratoriums, dirty tenants, dirty houses, evictions gone wrong...The list of rental property problems goes on and on.. In short, real estate investing not for the faint of heart. These things are all part of the daily life of a landlord. One person who should have never gotten into the rental real estate business is Republican election official and Connecticut landlord Ellen Wink. Ellen Wink has been charged with the murder of her tenant Kurt Lametta. Apparently Ellen Wink had been feuding with and trying to evict her renter Kurt Lametta for months over various issues including non payment of rent. In the 18th episode of The Tenants From Hell Show, professional landlord James Wise sounds off on the tragedy that is the murder of Kurt Lametta. James Wise doesn't pull any punches in his harsh criticism of Ellen Wink who he views as a "Karen" who had absolutely no business being a landlord. James Wise explains the story in detail along with all of the warning signs displayed by Ellen Wink that demonstrates why she was such a terrible landlord who had no business being in property management.




BREAKING NEWS: Florida Realtor is a Serial Killer | Landlords From Hell 17

Given the recent breaking news that Willy Suarez Maceo is a Florida real estate agent by day, and a suspected serial killer by night, it's fair to say that the former South Miami, Florida Century 21 real estate agent was a bad Realtor. In fact, Willy Suarez Maceo is likely the worst Realtor in Florida. More likely, Willy Suarez Macio may actually be the worst Realtor in the world. In the 17th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, HoltonWise CEO James Wise takes viewers on a deep dive into the odd case of the 25 year old Realtor / Serial Murderer Willy Suarez Maceo, and the allegations that he is a serial killer who is targeting homeless men in Florida. Jerome Antonio Price, Manual Perez & a third man were all allegedly shot by Maceo with a 9 mm Glock handgun in drive by style shootings from his Dodge Charger. One of the serial killer's victims was actually asleep on the sidewalk during the shooting. What possible motivations could Willy Suarez Maceo have to kill these men? As these men were all homeless, odds are good that these killings were not some type of Realtor client dispute, landlord tenant dispute or any of the other common situations that result in violence being performed by, or perpetrated on a member of the real estate community. So what really happened with these recent Florida man killings? Why did this Florida Realtor turn to murder when it appears that he had some much going for him? Was the good life posted all over this Florida agent's social medial pages all just a cover for his true identity as one of Florida's most dangerous serial killers?




Touring a Zombie House in Cleveland, Ohio | Landlords From Hell 16

Have you ever heard of the term Zombie houses? If not, we know what you are thinking right now. No, it doesn't have anything to do with the flesh eating monsters you see on TV. A Zombie house is a home that's been abandoned by it's owner after the foreclosure process has begun. In the 16th episode of the Landlords From Hell Show, the HoltonWiseTV crew is taking you on a tour of an abandoned Zombie house in Cleveland, Ohio. This home is wrecked! This home is destroyed! This home is dangerous! You should never enter a home like this without a trained professional to accompany you. The story here is that the out of state owner of this property completely walked away from it several years ago and this abandoned home been left to decay beyond recognition. It's going to take a creative real estate investor with experience in Zombie house flipping & distressed property rehabs to bring this distressed home in the Cleveland real estate market back to life.




NFL Star Michael Thomas Sues Landlord for over $1 Million | Landlords From Hell 15

If a tenant is paying $60,000 per month to rent a landlord's house this rental property better be a pretty nice house, right? Apparently that's exactly what NFL star wide receiver Michael Thomas thinks because he has filed a lawsuit against his former Bel Air landlord for over $1 Million due to what Thomas's attorney claims is a breach of lease at the Bel Air mansion. In the 15th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show, HoltonWiseTV takes a look at this high profile landlord tenant dispute between the New Orleans Saints' wide receiver and his former landlord. What went wrong with this rental property? Why does Michael Thomas believe he is entitled to over $1 Million of damages even though the rent was only $60,000 per month? What does Michael Thomas' landlord have to say about this high profile landlord tenant lawsuit?




Slumlord Booby Trapped House to Evict Deadbeat Tenants | Landlords From Hell 14

Bad tenants have been know to drive the best landlords over the edge. As landlords we need to keep our cool no matter what. If your tenant is not paying rent you've got to use the legal process to evict them. Landlords must avoid the temptation of performing an illegal self help eviction. Going over the edge and performing an illegal eviction is never the answer. In the 14th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show we take a look at a Canadian slumlord who lost his cool. This Canadian real estate investor broker into his tenant's home and booby trapped it with spiked boards creating a danger for the tenants, the tenant's children and innocent pedestrians. This type of behavior gives landlords everywhere a bad name. Tenants taking advantage of property owners and refusing to pay rent is a horrible thing but slumlords like this should not be tolerated no matter how bad the property owner's tenants are.




BAD EVICTION Landlord Shoots Tenants For Not Paying Rent. Two Dead in Vagas | Landlords From Hell 13

The never ending eviction moratorium amid the Covid 19 pandemic have driven some property owners to extreme measures. In the 13th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show HoltonWiseTV takes a look a Las Vegas landlord Arnoldo Lozano-Sanchez. Arnoldo Lozano-Sanchez is accused of shooting three of his tenants, killing two, because of an unpaid rent dispute. In regards to the eviction of his non paying tenants Sanchez has been quoted as saying he "wanted to handle it, quote-unquote, 'his way.'"




Why did the Surfside Condo Collapse? Who's to Blame as Lawsuits Pile Up? | Landlords From Hell 12

Fingers are being pointed in every direction. Lawsuits are puling up. Everyone wants answers. Why did the surfside building collapse? Who is to blame for the collapse of the surfside condos in Miami, Florida? What went wrong with the Champlain towers? Was the surfside collapse in Florida the fault of the building's owners? Or, were the Champlain towers built by a bad builder? In the 12th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show we take a look at the surfside condo collapse in Florida and attempt to see what went wrong with the surfside condo structural damage that has caused the death of so many of it's residents.




Slumlord Real Estate Scammer Lied & Tried to Sell Us a Condemned House | Landlords From Hell 11

BEWARE real estate scams are everywhere when you are investing in real estate. From house scams on craigslist to real estate fraud schemes. The real estate fraud red flags are everywhere. In rental real estate investing we always say trust, but verify. In the 11th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV team is doing an inspection on a home we were under contract to buy from a tired landlord. This landlord, more accurately described as a slumlord had described the house to us as a rental property that just needed a little bit of work to get it rent ready. Upon arrival it became clear to us that this was a real estate scam and that it was a condemned house. Buying condemned houses is a totally different ballgame from buying other distressed properties. Only a bad landlord would allow their investment property to be condemned by the city. This housing scam could have gotten us had we not done the proper due diligence before buying this home.




Real Estate Investor Kills Tenants & Hides Bodies in his Truck | Landlords From Hell 10

There is a popular real estate investing strategy called house hacking. House hacking involves buying a property to use as an investment property as well as your primary residence. In the 10th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show we take a look at the case of the Chad Allen Reed from Battle Creek, Michigan. Chad Allen Reed's house hack investment couldn't have gone any worse. It's stories like his, that help communist movements like cancel rent gain mainstream momentum in America. Chad Allen Reed is accused of killing his tenants Joeseph Soule and Jaclyn Lepird and hiding their bodies in his truck. The alleged motive for this landlord killing his tenants was due their frequent late night partying keeping him from getting a good nights sleep.




Seller Tried to Steal $40,000 from Me with Real Estate Scam | Landlords From Hell 9

Real estate fraud schemes are everywhere. If real estate investors aren't careful they could lose a lot of money being involved in a real estate scam. In the 9th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show we discuss a recent real estate deal where we caught a dishonest rental property seller in a $40,000 quit claim deed scam. There are many dangers when buying real estate using a quit claim deed to transfer property ownership from seller to buyer. A quit claim deed is used to transfer the ownership interest of a property from one party to another. But, unlike a warranty deed, a quit claim deed doesn't involve a proper title insurance policy after a title search. A quit claim deed only transfers the interest that the seller has, and that interest could be subject to liens on the property that the buyer now assumes. If a real estate buyer ends up in a transaction with a dishonest seller like we where in this episode of The Landlords From Hell Show they can find themselves getting a lot of money stolen from them.




Clayton Morris Loses $7 Million Lawsuit - The Moring Invest Host's Dark Past | Landlords From Hell 8

Shortly after he was a Fox News TV personality and just before he became the host of Morning Invest, Clayton Morris was involved in some of the most notorious turnkey real estate investment scam allegations that the turnkey real estate industry had ever seen. These scam allegations against Morris Invest as well as many interviews with alleged victims of Clayton Morris  where covered at length here on HoltonWiseTV. This coverage led to Clayton Morris filing a $7.2 Million lawsuit against Holton-Wise. The 8th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show explains how the Clayton Morris vs. Holton-Wise lawsuit shook out now that the case is over.




Slumlord EXPOSED when the Roof Caves in at his Apartment Building | Landlords From Hell 7

Have you ever had a landlord who would not fix anything in your house or apartment? Unqualified landlords who won't fix anything give all landlords a bad name. In the 7th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show the HoltonWiseTV team takes you on a tour of an apartment building that was neglected by it's slumlord owner. This building was in such disrepair that the roof caved in.




3 Men Caught Stealing Houses Using A Quit Claim Deed Scam | Landlords From Hell 6

In the 6th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show we discuss the dangers of a real estate scam revolving around the use of quit claim deeds. A quit claim deed is used to transfer the ownership interest of a property from one party to another. But, unlike a warranty deed, a quit claim deed doesn't typically involve a title search or a title insurance policy. A quit claim deed only transfers the interest that the seller has, and that interest could be subject to liens on the property that the buyer now assumes. Using forged quit claim deeds authorities allege that Dwayne Mitchell, David Garner & Marquis Lomax stole several houses in Cleveland, Ohio and tried to illegally sell them to unsuspecting buyers. This alleged fraud is believed to have involved the theft of more than a dozen homes.




REACTION: What happens if you can't pay rent? Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Landlords From Hell 5

In episode 5 of The Landlords From Hell Show James reacts to the most recent episode of Netflix's  @Patriot Act  starring former Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj. Hasan Minhaj is a funny comedian, but it's clear he doesn't know anything about economics or the housing and property management industry. In an effort to get a few laughs Hasan Minhaj featured HoltonWiseTV in his liberal cry fest about the housing crisis he has predicted. Through ignorance, misinformation, clever editing & Coronavirus sensationalism Hasan Minhaj has found a way to vilify American Citizens who happen to be property owners. Hassan Minhaj paints an us vs them picture that perpetuates dangerous liberal ideology like rent strikes all across America. 




Victim Has Evidence Clayton Morris Stole $20k+ From Him - Victims Fight Back | Landlords From Hell 4

In the 4th episode of The Landlords From Hell Show James Wise interviews another man claiming to have been victimized by former Fox News TV personality Clayton Morris & his real estate investment company Morris Invest. His name is Andy Buchanan and he might have the most damning evidence against Clayton Morris's real estate scam that we have ever seen. Andy provides compelling evidence that appears to prove that Clayton Morris personally stole over $20,000 from him. In addition, James provides evidence from 12 other victims who've banned together to fight back against Clayton Morris & the Morris Invest scam. He also explains how other victims who've been keeping quiet thus far can jump into the fight.




$7.2 Million Lawsuit: Clayton Morris Caught Lying About Real Estate Deals | Landlords From Hell 3

In this episode of The Landlords From Hell Show we go over newly discovered evidence in an update on the allegations that former Fox News Anchor Clayton Morris and his company Morris Invest worked with Bert Whalen and his company Oceanpointe Investments to defraud investors in what has been called a real estate Ponzi scheme. In addition we discuss Bert Whalen's arrest and federal indictment as well as the outrageous $7.2 Million Dollar Lawsuit between Clayton Morris and HoltonWiseTV. 




Is Fox News Anchor Clayton Morris a Fraud? The Morris Invest Allegations | Landlords From Hell 2

In this episode of The Landlords From Hell Show we take a deep dive into the many stories circulating the news cycle alleging that former Fox News Anchor Clayton Morris and his company Morris Invest worked with Bert Whalen and his company Oceanpointe Investments to defraud investors in what has been called a real estate Ponzi Scheme. In addition to providing insight into the media coverage James Wise speaks with alleged victims of Clayton Morris, Clayton Morris himself and other industry professionals including Jay Hinrichs, Meet Kevin, Indianapolis Property Managers and much more.




Slumlord vs. Good Landlord: Property Managers Tell All | Landlords From Hell 1

In this episode of The Landlords From Hell Show Holton-Wise CEO James Wise talks with the founder of RentWerx and Brad Larsen about the differences between a good landlord, a landlord from hell and everything in between. Beyond that the two breakdown things that good Property Managers do to keep landlords out of legal trouble, why Property Managers need to strive to create a better client experience industry-wide and why a landlord introducing himself to a tenant can create a mommy and daddy issue. Plus much more.




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