With a video library consisting of 1,000's of hours of content, along with a global audience of over 166,000 collective Followers & Subscribers, HoltonWiseTV is widely considered the number 1 resource for real estate investment opportunities, education and entertainment. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV today.




If you'd like to work with HoltonWise Co-Founder and CEO James Wise directly, The MLS Search & Analysis Show is where you do it. Work with James Wise 1 on 1 to identify investment properties that meet your wants, needs and goals all through the convenience of your own personalized videos.




The easiest and most transparent way to buy out of state investment properties is right here on The Investment Properties For Sale Show. With full video tours, drone footage and a complete property cash flow analysis and investment breakdown performed by James Wise, you'll be armed with as much information and education as possible as you start your real estate investment journey in the Cleveland real estate market and beyond.




Most tenants are good, but those bad tenants can really cause a lot of problems for landlords. Thing is, nobody in the mainstream media is talking about bad tenants. In the mainstream media tenants are made out to be saint and their landlord's are the evil villains. On The Tenants From Hell Show we are righting that wrong. We are exposing what the property management industry is really like. From live evictions caught on tape, to Police kicking out squatters, to a day in the life of a property manager, you'll see it all here.




Just like there are bad tenants, there are bad landlords. On HoltonWiseTV bad landlords don't get a pass either. On The Landlords From Hell Show you'll see bad landlord behavior get exposed.




You've got questions, and James Wise has answers. As a Broker and investor who's sold over $200 Million Dollars worth of real estate in the Cleveland, Ohio market, James Wise knows a thing or two about how to make money in real estate. On The Ask James Wise Show, he is answering the real estate questions you are, or should be, asking about real estate.




The House Flipping Show is all about flipping houses. Except, we don't include any of that made for TV junk you're used to seeing on the other networks.




Are you looking for a place to rent in the Cleveland, Ohio area? If so, The Cleveland Area Houses For Rent Show is for you.




Real estate investing isn't the only way to make money. If you're interested in learning about other personal finance topics, The Money Show is for you.




This Is HoltonWiseTV is video series consisting of short clips and/or highlights of the things we do & talk about here on HoltonWiseTV. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV for more of our full length content about real estate investing.




Hopefully you aren't bothered by full frontal male nudity as we've got some of the most edgy commercials in the real estate industry. Check out what The Holton-Wise Property Group and our affiliated sponsors have to offer while having a laugh with us. Subscribe to HoltonWiseTV for more of our full length content about real estate investing.




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