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What can you do about your City Shutting Down your Airbnb Business? | Ask James Wise 69

The short-term rental business is a new and exiting business. Lots of money can be made for hosts with a well managed short term rental investment. Thing is, with new real estate businesses there are a lot of unknowns. Cities across the USA are actively changing short term rental zoning laws, which oftentimes, results in Airbnb bans that completely shut down an Airbnb hosts entire short term rental business. In the 69th episode of The Ask James Wise Show, short term rental property management company owner James Wise is discussing the problems that arise from the fluctuating Airbnb zoning laws that can often lead to short term rentals shutting down in popular Airbnb housing markets. If you are a short term rental property owner dealing with an Airbnb ban in your city you will want to pay attention. James Wise goes over the things new Airbnb hosts can do when Airbnb and other short-term rental property businesses are banned in their real estate market. James Wise goes over how to start an Airbnb business while limiting your risk of facing a short-term rental ban. James Wise goes over how you can adjust your business strategy to deal with ever changing short-term rental property laws. James Wise goes over the types of housing markets that are least effected by Airbnb housing bans. If you want to learn how to start a short-term rental business and avoid government shutdowns, tune in to HoltonWiseTV today. HoltonWiseTV is Airbnb hosting for beginners made easy.




19 Things Tattoos tell Landlords during Tenant Screening: Landlording 101 | Ask James Wise 68

Learning how to rent out a house can be scary. Finding good tenants for your rental property is key, but how do you find good tenants while avoiding bad tenants? The tenant screening process is how landlords get rid of bad tenants so they can focus on renting their house to good tenants. Tenant screening for landlords involves many tenant screening questions that help the landlord or property manager identify who those nightmare tenants are while they are trying to rent their house to good tenants. There are a lot of real estate courses out there teaching landlords how to screen tenants for rental property, but more often then not those tenant screening services and real estate investing courses are to politically correct to do a good job of identifying tenant red flags that a seasoned landlord knows how to find. A professional property manager with years of experience is going to have a very sophisticated tenant screening process that helps avoid evicting tenants down the road. In the 68th episode of The Ask James Wise Show, millionaire landlord James Wise show newbie real estate investors like you how to rent your house to good tenants while sniffing out red flags in tenants that aren't in any real estate textbook. Today, James Wise is focusing his tenant screening attention on the tattoos his tenants have while they are applying for a rental property. What tattoos a potential tenant has can tell a landlord a lot about what it's going to be like renting to that particular tenant. Some tenant's tattoos are going to send off red flags that a landlord should pay attention to during the rental application process so that they can avoid problem tenants. On the other hand, some tattoos that renters have can be a tenant screening indicator that the tenant may turn out to be a great renter. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for more landlord tips and tricks to become a more profitable rental property owner. HoltonWiseTV is real estate investing for beginners.




How to Buy your First Rental Property (11 Steps for First Time Home Buyers) | Ask James Wise 67

Real estate newbies and 1st time home buyers, listen up, this one is for you. In the 67th episode of The Ask James Wise Show, investor friendly agent James Wise is going over a the step by step process of buying your first house. Whether this is your first rental property, or your first home to live in yourself, the baby steps you need to take to close on that first property will be laid out in their simplest form. This is real estate investing for absolute beginners from start to finish. If you've never bought a home before and want to learn how to navigate the real estate market as a first time home buyer, tune in to HoltonWiseTV today. HoltonWiseTV is getting started in real estate investing made easy.  


1. How to get pre-approved for a mortgage on a rental property 3:10
2. How to choose a real estate market to invest in 5:30
3. How to hire an investor friendly Realtor or find motivated sellers 6:47
4. How to pick a rental property to buy 9:20
5. How to go under contract on a property 10:25
6. How to get a home inspection on a property 11:56
7. How to order an appraisal on a house 12:31
8. How to hire a property manager 15:08
9. How to get clear title on a house 16:45
10. How to collect rent 18:07
11. How to be a millionaire real estate investor (buy a boat) 18:44




Self Employed Mortgage Qualifications vs W2 Mortgage Qualifications | Ask James Wise 66

The home loan requirements for W2 employees and 1099 contractors are very different. If you are wondering what you need to do to qualify for self employed mortgage loans vs what you need to do to qualify for real estate financing if you are a regular W2'd employee you'll want to pay attention to the 66th episode of The Ask James Wise Show. During the show real estate financing expert James Wise breaks down how to get a mortgage if you're self employed and how to get a mortgage if you are a traditional W2'd employee. Qualifying for a mortgage when you are self employed is much different than qualifying for a mortgage when you have a regular job. If you are thinking about quitting your regular job to invest in real estate full time you'll want to understand the rental property loan requirements of the self employed vs the investment property financing requirements of those with a full time job before you make the plunge to full time real estate investor.




Canada's Racist Housing Policy: Foreigners Banned from Buying Canadian Housing | Ask James Wise 65

Many believe that Canada is dealing with a housing bubble in 2022. With Canadian housing affordability at an all time low in 2022, some say this Canadian housing bubble is actually a Canadian housing crisis. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's housing plan to solve Canada's affordable housing shortage is very controversial.  Justin Trudeau's new housing policy is to ban foreigners from buying Canadian real estate. That's right, if you are not a native Canadian citizen, you are not allowed to buy a home in Canada. If Canada's ban on foreign home buyers sounds racist to you, you are not alone. In the 65th episode of The Ask James Wise Show, US real estate investor James Wise is sounding off on Canada's new racist housing policy. In addition to Canada's foreign housing ban being racist, Canada's ban on foreign real estate investment restricts the rights of Canadian citizens to sell their property to whomever they want. What's worse, is that this overreach of the Canadian government's restriction of private property ownership rights is inspiring housing policy change in the USA. Recently Texas housing officials in the Dallas area cited this Canadian housing ban as inspiration for potential housing restrictions in Texas. What does the Canadian real estate bubble mean for US real estate investors? What does the ban on foreign home buyers in Canada mean for Canadians who wish to sell their homes? Is the US housing market going to become more like the Canadian housing market? Which US housing markets are following Canada's lead to limit property rights for their citizens? Is Canada's housing crisis going to ruin the US real estate market? Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for answers to these real estate questions and more. HotlonWiseTV is real estate investing made easy.




BREAKING NEWS: Dallas Considers Restricting Home Sales for Real Estate Investors | Ask James Wise 64

Don't California my Texas! Real estate investors may be in for some changes in the Dallas-Fort Worth housing market. With housing prices soaring in the Dallas housing market in 2022, the housing policy makers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area appear to be following the lead of woke politicians from places like California and Canada. Once a beacon of conservative principles, the state of Texas is considering proposing legislation restricting real estate investors from being able to buy properties in Texas. In the 64th episode of The Ask James Wise Show, housing freedom advocate James Wise is breaking down what is going on with the housing market in the Dallas-Forth Worth area and the recent consideration of legislation aimed at banning real estate investors from investing in real estate in Texas and the Dall-Fort Worth area. If this sounds like something out of the ordinary to you, it's because it is. Texas following the lead of anti conservative housing policy, like we see in the Canadian real estate market as well as the with California housing is completely unprecedented. The housing market forecast for Texas stands to be changed forever if a ban on Texas real estate investment gains momentum with Texas voters.




Contingent vs Pending: What's the difference between Contingent and Pending? | Ask James Wise 63

While looking at houses on Zillow, the MLS or you may have noticed that some houses are listed as contingent. Additionally you may have noticed that some other houses are listed as pending. What does contingent mean in real estate? What does pending mean in real estate? What is the difference between contingent and pending in real estate? In the 63rd episode of The Ask James Wise Show, real estate broker James Wise is answering questions about contingent status and pending status differences as well as contingent and pending status similarities. Ya see, the answer to these real estate questions may have a different answers in real estate theory than they do in actual real estate practice. Contingent status vs pending status, let's talk about what these real estate terms really mean from a practical and actual standpoint.




25 Real Estate Terms & what they REALLY Mean: Hidden Meanings Exposed | Ask James Wise 62

Real estate has it's own language. From Realtors to landlords to commercial real estate investors, all of these real estate professionals have certain code words that they utilize while working in the real estate industry. Some of these real estate terms are fairly simple to understand while other real estate terms have hidden meanings. In the 62nd episode of The Ask James Wise Show, real estate broker and investor James Wise is peeling back the curtain on real estate industry terminology. James Wise is going over 25 real estate terms and what they actually mean. Forget about taking what real estate professionals are saying to you at face value and learn how to read between the lines in the real estate business.


1. Cozy 2:08
2. Per My Last Email 2:22
3. Fixer Upper 2:56
4. Time is of the Essence 3:16
5. Net Operating Income 3:46
6. Cap Rate 6:22
7. Cash on Cash Return 7:06
8. Good Bones 8:46
9. Triple Net Lease 9:30
10. As-Is 10:18
11. Proof of Funds 10:44
12. Pre Approval 11:51
13. Title Search 12:11
14. Short Sale 13:07
15. Buyer's Agent 13:51
16. Selling Agent 14:07
17. Closing 14:28
18. Closing Costs 14:42
19. Days on Market 15:18
20. Cash Flow 15:33
21. BRRRR 16:19
22. Contingent 17:03
23. HOA 17:24
24. Wholesaling 18:03
25. Rent Back 18:59
BONUS. Listing Agent 19:08




5 types of Motivated Sellers that will make YOU the MOST MONEY | Ask James Wise 61

Working with motivated seller leads is very important when you are investing in real estate. From wholesaling houses, to fixing and flipping houses, to buying rental properties for long term cash flow, real estate investors often make the most money when they buy their real estate. To buy real estate at the best price you often need to buy that real estate off market from a motivated seller. Who are the best kinds of motivated sellers? Are all motivated seller leads the same? Are some kinds of motivated sellers better to work with than other motivated sellers? In the 61st episode of The Ask James Wise Show, off market property investor James Wise is going over the 5 best kinds of motivated seller leads for investors. These 5 kinds of motivated sellers have proven to be the most profitable motivated seller leads in James Wise's experience selling over $200 Million worth of real estate. These motivated sellers work great for wholesalers. If you are looking to learn how to generate motivated seller leads for wholesalers, you're in the right place. These motivated seller leads work great for fix and flip investors. If you are looking to learn how to generate motivated seller leads for house flippers, you are in the right place. These motivated seller leads work great for buy and hold investors. If you are a long term buy and hold investor looking to learn how to generate motivated seller leads for landlords, you are in the right place. From sellers facing divorce, to sellers facing foreclosure, to tired landlords James Wise is going over the very best distressed seller leads for real estate investors. Best of all, James Wise goes over how you can utilize Propstream to direct mail these motivated sellers in the most cost efficient way. If you are just getting started in real estate investing it's time to stop wasting your time driving for dollars and start learning how to generate the most profitable leads for your real estate business by tuning in to HoltonWiseTV today. HoltonWiseTV is marketing to motivated sellers made easy.




The 5 Best Ways to Find OFF MARKET Real Estate Deals | Ask James Wise 60

It's no secret that off market properties are considered the best real estate deals for real estate investors. Whether you are wholesaling houses, flipping houses or buying long term buy and hold properties, learning how to find off market deals is going to be key to your success as someone who makes their living buying houses. Whether you want to learn how to find off market properties to wholesale, or learn how to find off market multifamily properties to hold as a long term investment, or learn how to get off market properties to fix and flip, you'll want to pay attention to the 60th episode of The Ask James Wise Show. During the show, James Wise is talking about buying off-market properties. From driving for dollars, to cold calling off market properties, there are hundreds of ways wholesalers and investors can find off market real estate deals. The key to being successful in off market investing is learning how to market to motivated sellers so you can buy their homes before they hit the MLS. The thing is, not all of these strategies for finding off market houses are the most efficient way to get the message across that you want to buy off market houses. James Wise goes over the 5 best ways to find off market properties. These 5 off market buying strategies will get you in front of more distressed sellers than the 100's of other wholesaling marketing ideas combined. These 5 off market buying strategies have helped James Wise do over $200 Million dollars in real estate sales and he believes he can help you  learn how to find off market apartment buildings, learn how to find off-market multifamily properties, learn how to find off-market properties to wholesale, learn how to buy off market houses for house flip deals, learn how to buy off market wholesale properties for rental investments and much more. HoltonWiseTV is marketing to motivated sellers for off-market properties made easy.




Why Seattle Lost 10,000 Rentals This Year: Seattle's Affordable Housing Crisis | Ask James Wise 59

Thousands of Seattle landlords believe Seattle's affordable housing advocates have gone too far with the ultra liberal landlord tenant policies. As such many landlords are exiting the Seattle rental market. Last year the city of Seattle lost 10,000 rental units due to Seattle landlords being fed up with increasingly liberal housing policies that allow Seattle tenants to take advantage of landlords. In the 59th episode of The Ask James Wise Show landlord advocate James Wise is sounding off of Seattle's affordable housing crisis. James Wise believes the liberal housing advocates have no-one to blame but themselves for the terrible position they put Seattle renters in with their unreasonable landlord tenant policies. Is the lack of affordable housing in Seattle is going to cause the Seattle housing market to crash? Is the Seattle real estate market doomed with fewer and fewer rental properties being made available to Seattle's low income residents? Is the lack of landlords willing to do business with the city of Seattle going to cause a homeless problem in Seattle? Are ultra liberal landlord tenant policies like never ending eviction moratoriums and rental control going to destroy the free market in locations like Seattle? Tune in to this episode of The Ask James Wise Show on HoltonWiseTV for these answers and more.




New California Law aims to Stop you from Flipping Houses | Ask James Wise 58

Is the woke California housing crisis part of the next Cold War in America? The California housing market is as woke as it gets. California's war on capitalism and private property ownership has just escalated even further with California's latest woke housing policy proposal. California is a state that has already made evicting tenants illegal for the last three years, California has doubled it's already highest level of taxation in the USA. California has penalized landlords for leaving their homes vacant due to their inability to evict tenants that don't pay their rent. Now California's latest housing proposal aims to shut down the house flipping industry as we know it. California's latest law aims to penalize those who sell their home within 7 years of purchasing it. In the 58th episode of The Ask James Wise Show, James Wise sounds off on whether or not you should buy real estate in California. If flipping houses in California makes sense for investors. What the California house flipping laws mean for American investors. What the California house flipping tax is trying to accomplish. If the California housing market is in crisis mode or not. If you are wondering if California is a good place to invest in real estate you don't want to miss this one of a kind show about California housing laws and the California housing crisis. HotlonWiseTV is here for those of you considering leaving California due to the never ending attack on California home owners.




How to Pass the Cleveland Lead Paint Inspection & Get Lead Safe Certification | Ask James Wise 57

To say that Cleveland's new lead paint law is off to a slow start would be an understatement. As with most things that the Cleveland government does, the Cleveland lead safe roll out has been filled with bureaucracy and confusion. Currently it's estimated that only a small number of Cleveland rental properties have received their lead based paint certificate under Cleveland's new lead paint ordinance. The reason so few Cleveland homes have gotten the Cleveland lead based paint certification is that the process of obtaining Cleveland's lead paint certification is incredibly confusing. In order for a Cleveland landlord to get their property lead certified by the city of Cleveland, the Cleveland rental property owner needs to go through a cumbersome lead paint inspection process that involves visual lead testing as well as costly lab testing from licensed lead risk assessors. The awareness of the Cleveland lead based paint process is so low that most Realtors and landlords in the city of Cleveland aren't aware that this new lead paint certification process even exists. Without even knowing about the existence of Cleveland's new lead paint law, it's very optimistic for Cleveland lead advocates for safe housing to assume these Realtors and rental property owners in Cleveland will have any idea how to successfully navigate the confusing lead certification process with any amount of regularity. Hence the extremely low lead certification numbers in the Cleveland housing market. In the 57th episode of The Ask James Wise Show, Cleveland landlord and HoltonWise CEO James Wise explains the 10 step process a Cleveland landlord needs to go through to obtain a Cleveland lead based paint certificate for all of their rental properties. If you or someone you know is a Cleveland landlord or a Cleveland area real estate agent selling rental properties in the city of Cleveland, Ohio this lead certification process applies to you.




Why did Dave Chappelle Help Kill an Affordable Housing Development in Ohio? | Ask James Wise 56

Dave Chappelle might be getting canceled again. This time it's got nothing to do with the LGBTQ community. Dave Chappelle's latest run in with cancel culture has to do with, of all things, the Ohio housing market. In the 56th episode of The Ask James Wise Show, Ohio landlord James Wise is discussing the recent affordable housing controversy in Ohio surrounding Dave Chappelle's opposition to an affordable housing development near his home in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Is Dave Chappelle wrong for opposing an affordable housing developer building near his home? Does Dave Chappelle's opposition to affordable housing near his Ohio home come with a good reason? Is Dave Chappelle a bigot, or is this affordable housing controversy in the village of Yellow Springs, Ohio just cancel culture's latest attack on a successful business owner meant to push a liberal agenda? How would you feel if a real estate developer decided to build a large amount of low income housing near your home? If you paid a lot of money for your home do you believe you have the right to block low income housing from being built in your neighborhood like Dave Chappelle did? Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for the answer to these questions and many more about the low income housing controversy involving Dave Chappelle and the village of Yellow Springs, Ohio.




New California Housing Tax Punishes Landlords for San Francisco Homeless Problem | Ask James Wise 55

Leaving California continues to be a trending topic among California home owners who are sick and tired of the endless socialist housing policies of the far left politicians who hold power over the largest real estate market in America. If the recent LA County eviction moratorium extension that makes evicting tenants for non payment of rent illegal in parts of California until 2023 wasn't enough to push the California exodus forward, this new far left housing tax aimed at San Francisco's landlords will likely do the trick. San Francisco housing supervisor Dean Preston recently announced a new housing tax aimed at California's landlords who feel like they have no other choice but to leave their rental properties vacant due to the radical landlord tenant laws and housing policies in California. This includes the LA County law that had made evictions illegal in parts of California for the last two years and will continue to do so in that part of California until 2023. In the 55th episode of The Ask James Wise Show James Wise explains why he believes that the far left landlord tenant laws and radical housing policies of California are why there is an estimated 40,000 vacant rental units in San Francisco. He believes that these San Francisco house and apartments have been voluntarily left vacant by San Francisco landlords to combat the government created housing crisis that they are dealing with. James Wise believes these Californians have been stripped of their property rights and they have no other choice but to deal with the fact that putting tenants who can't be evicted in these vacant rental houses would be more trouble than it's worth. Will California continuing to create new predatory taxes that vilify landlords fix San Francisco's homeless problem? Will the continued vilification of landlords fix California's housing crisis? Will the California economy be able to prosper if California property owners continue to leave the largest economy in America in droves looking for more reasonable policies and housing prices? Is more taxation the solution to the California homeless problem? How high can California taxes go before the California housing bubble bursts? Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for insight on these California housing issues and much more. HoltonWiseTV is California real estate investing made easy.




Evictions are Now Illegal in California! Los Angeles Landlords are Outraged | Ask James Wise 54

Radical Los Angeles housing advocates have canceled rent in California. The cancel rent movement in California just won a huge victory in LA County. The Los Angeles county Covid-19 eviction moratorium has now been extended until 2023. This unprecedented eviction moratorium has made it illegal to evict tenants in LA County for non payment of rent, effectively outlawing being a landlord in this part of California for 3 years. In the 54th episode of The Ask James Wise Show, professional landlord and conservative private property rights advocate James Wise, sounds off on the dangerous rise in socialism in California. With communism and socialism starting to feel like the new norm in the state of California, many California property owners and landlords feel like this is just the latest of many socialist policies in California contributing to the California exodus and the rise of the leaving California movement. Will making LA County evictions illegal for 3 years lead to a California housing crash? Will forcing landlords to let their tenants live rent free for 3 years destroy the California economy? Will America's most expensive real estate market implode on itself with radical left wing housing policy? Will the LA County eviction moratorium ever end? Is rent control in LA County here to stay? Is capitalism in California dead? These are all talking points discussed on HoltonWiseTV. Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for all things housing. HoltonWiseTV is investing in real estate made easy.




Cleveland Scene Magazine's Lies about the Cleveland Housing Market & HoltonWise | Ask James Wise 53

It seems like fake news is everywhere these days. Unfortunately the Cleveland housing market isn't immune to the phenomenon of supposed journalists becoming fiction writers. In the 53rd episode of The Ask James Wise Show, James Wise reacts to Cleveland Scene Magazine's cover story by Mark Oprea titled Holton-Wise, a Flood of Covert LLCs and Out-of-State Investors Have Radically Changed the Local Housing Market. Is There Anything Cleveland Can Do to Fight Back? In the story, Mark Oprea fills Cleveland Scene Magazine's pages with misleading information about the Cleveland real estate market, Cleveland housing discrimination, Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb, and the role HoltonWise plays in the Cleveland housing market as well as Cleveland's economy in general. In addition to all of these half truths written with what appears to be the intent to slander HoltonWise, Mark Oprea's article is filled with various outright lies about HoltonWise and it's CEO James Wise. James Wise goes through all of the lies and misleading information written about HoltonWise and the Cleveland housing market by Mark Oprea and his Cleveland Scene Magazine colleague Sam Allard. Sam Allard, is perhaps the more outrageous liar of the two Cleveland journalists. Sam Allard has been caught red handed writing at least one slanderous article for Cleveland Scene Magazine accusing Cleveland real estate investment company Holton-Wise of being a predatory lender when HoltonWise is not now a lender. In fact, HoltonWise has never been a lender. HoltonWise is not in the mortgage business at all. How are the journalistic standards of Cleveland Scene Magazine so low that fiction writers such as Mark Oprea and Sam Allard are out there publishing falsehoods about Cleveland news? Perhaps this fictitious story from Cleveland Scene Magazine should not be a surprise as Cleveland Scene Magazine is no stranger to legal issues related to inaccurate reporting by Cleveland Scene Magazine's writers. Just last year, Bobby George's Cleveland restaurant TownHall filed a lawsuit against Cleveland Scene Magazine for inaccurate reporting regarding the race and gender of the subject of a social media post made by a TownHall manager. It's a sad day for Cleveland journalism when two fiction writers are out there claiming to be Cleveland journalists while producing fiction about at least one Cleveland area business. 




California Taxes DOUBLING! What's a BIG TAX HIKE Mean for the CA Housing Market? | Ask James Wise 52

It's no secret that California is the most expensive state in the United States. It's also not a secret that California's politics are by far the most left leaning in all of America. Socialism is on the rise in California. As such, the great California exodus is constantly making headlines as countless Californians are leaving the state in droves because they are sick of California's rising cost of living. Californians are sick of California's out of control housing market. Californians are sick of the rise in socialism in this once great American state. California's mass exodus is such a big deal that "leaving California" has been a trending keyword. If all of that wasn't enough to drive you nuts, it just may be getting worse in California. Reports are that California taxes are going up. Taxes in California aren't just going up, in fact it's been said that California is planning on doubling it's taxes. You heard that right. California taxes are doubling. This is the largest tax rate increase in American history. So what does all of this Californians socialism mean for the California housing market? Will there be a real estate crash in California? Is California doomed? In the 52nd episode of The Ask James Wise Show James Wise is sounding off on the California tax raise, Socialism in America and his love hate relationship with California's cost of living problem and how all of this effect real estate investors living in California. Do Californian real estate investors have other options? Does investing out of state make more sense for California rental property owners? If so, where should they invest? Is Ohio one of the best markets for California's upset citizens? Tune in to HoltonWiseTV for all things housing. HoltonWiseTV is investing in real estate made easy.




Is Ohio the Next Big US Tech Hub? Inside Intel's $1 Billion Semiconductor Plant | Ask James Wise 51

Do Intel and Ohio have the solution for America's computer chip shortage? If so, how will this computer chip shortage solution effect the Ohio real estate market? Ohio is often thought of as a cash flow market. But will the computer ship shortage in America and Intel's rumored investment in Ohio real estate turn Ohio into an appreciation based housing market? Will the Ohio housing make see a spike in Ohio property values? What does all of this mean for those investing in the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo or Columbus, Ohio housing markets? These are all the questions and topics Ohio real estate investor James Wise is sounding off on in the 51st episode of The Ask James Wise Show. Recently rumors have been spreading that tech giant Intel is building a $1 Billion dollar semiconductor plant in New Albany, Ohio. James Wise goes over what he thinks of this new computer chip factory in Ohio and how he believes it's going to effect the Ohio real estate appreciation rates for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about real estate investing in Ohio tune in to HoltonWiseTV today. HoltonWiseTV is Ohio real estate investing made easy. 




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